Cooperative Bank (States) Question-Paper Contributed by Manish updated on Oct 2021
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Cooperative Bank (States) Question-Paper

                                                 Cooperative Bank Model Exam Paper

1) NABARD was established on---------------. 
a) 1982 
b) 1949 
c) 1969 
d) none of these 

2) Internet Banking is also known as --------------. 
a) Cyber Banking 
b) Online Banking 
c) Personal Computer Banking 
d) all of these 

3) Surplus fund in Banking In stitutions will occur when--------- 
a)Outstanding loan amount is larger than outstanding deposits 
b)Outstanding deposits are larger than outstanding loan amounts 
c)Outstanding loan amount is larger than its overdues 
d)none of these 

4) Issue of notice of maturity of deposits to the depositor is ---------. 
a) Mandatory 
b) Obligatory 
c) legal
d) none of these 

5) Immovable property offered as security for availing loan shall be created by means of --------------. 
a) Pledge 
b) mortgage 
c) hypothecation 
d) none of these 

6) One of the following services cannot be accessed through mobile banking 
a) Balance enquiry 
b) Cheque status enquiry 
c) Cash withdrawal 
d) Stop payment order 

7) High yielding Loan is a -------------. 
a) Performing Asset 
b) Non-performing Asset 
c) Fixed Asset 
d) none of these 

8) Maximum validity of a cheque is ---------- 
a) 3 months 
b) 6 months 
c) 12 months 
d) none of these 

9) --------- is plastic card provides purchase of goods on credit and withdrawal of cash. 
a) Debit card 
b) credit card 
c) ATM card 
d) none of these
10) Current Account shall not be opened in the names of --------- 
a) Woman 
b) physically handicapped persons 
c) illiterate person 
d) All of these 

11) Important reform suggested by Prof.Vaidyanathan Committee for the revival of Service Co-operative Society is to ------------- 
a)ensure full voting membership rights to all users of financial services. 
b)restriction on term of office of office bearers. 
c)strong support by providing maximum share capital from Government 
d)none of these 

12) Election to the President of a Co-operative Society is conducted by-------------- 
a) Managing Committee 
b) State Co-operative Election Commission 
c)Registrar of Co-operative Societies 
d) none of these. 

13) Experts in the Board of Director Board of the Primary C-o-operative Society are ------------------------. 
a) Elected by the General Body 
b) Co-opted by the Managing Committee 
c) Nominated by the Registrar of Co-operative Societies 
d) Co-opted by the Reserve Bank of India 

14) Maximum period of Administrator/Administrative Committee of Co-operative Society carrying Banking business is --------- 
a) 6 months 
b) one year 
c) 3 months 
d) none of these 

15) The Chief Executive of the Society shall prepare the financial statements and statutory statements within ------------ from the close of the financial year. 
a) One month 
b) 2 months 
c)6 months 
d) none of these 

16) ----------- means allocating the work in such a way that one person’s work is automatically checked by another 
a) Internal allocation 
b) internal control 
c) Internal check 
d) none of these 

17) ‘Co-operative Ombudsman’ in Kerala is set by ------------- 
a) Government of Kerala 
b) Government of India 
c) Hon,ble High Court of Kerala 
d) none of these 

18) All primary Credit Co-operatives in Kerala shall open its branches with the prior permission of --------- 
a) Reserve Bank of India 
b) Government of Kerala 
c) Registrar of Co-operative Societies 
d) Apex Society 

19) The Government shall in consultation with ----------- fix or alter the number and designation of the officers and servants of different classes of Societies specified in section 80(2) of KCS Act 1969. 
a) Kerala State Co-operative Union 
b) Apex Society 
c) Registrar of Co-operative Societies 
d) none of these 

20) As per section 80 (6) of KCS Act 1969 ---------------- shall have power to fix the minimum and maximum limit of establishment expenses of co-operative Societies. 
a) Registrar of Co-operative Societies 
b) Kerala State Co-operative Union 
c) Government of Kerala 
d) none of these 

21) Any Officer willfully fails to hand over cash balance or securities or records to an Officer authorized by the Registrar of Co-operative Societies shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term up to ---------- or with fine up to Rs5000/-or with both 
a) 6 months 
b) one year 
c) 7 years 
d) 2 years 

22) All monitory disputes referred under section 69 of KCS Act 1969 shall be filed within ----------years when the repayment is over. 
a) 3 years 
b) 5 years 
c) 10 years 
d) none of these 

23) -------------- is a term which refers to the physical components of a computer system (electronic and electrical)which are used for processing data. 
b) Hardware 
c) all of these 
d) None of these. 

24) Monitory unit of a computer is one which -------------- 
a) A storage area for the computer programme as it is being executed. 
b) A storage area for data which is about to be processed. 
c) All of the above’ 
d) None of the above 

25) The word feature that makes some basic assumptions about the text entered and automatically makes changes based on those assumptions is ----------------. 
a) Auto change 
b) Auto correct 
c)Auto text 
d) Auto format