Cooperative Bank (States) Placement Paper Contributed by Radhika updated on Dec 2021
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Cooperative Bank (States) Placement Paper

                                                  Cooperative Bank Previous Exam Paper

1.Annual General Body meeting of a co-operative Society should be convened within -------- from the close of the financial year. 
a)1 year 
b) 6 months 
c) 3 months 
d) 9 months 

2.What is leadership? 
a) Influencing 
b) Motivating 
c) Good communication 
d) None of these. 

3.Crossing of a cheque can be cancelled by---------------. 
a) Banker 
b) Drawer 
c) Drawee 
e) None of these. 

4.-------------- is one among the preamble of the Kerala Co-operative Societies Act.1969 
a) Concern for the community
b) Management excellence 
c) Each for all and all for each 
d) none of these 

5.Registrar of Co-operative Societies can supersede the Managing committee of ---------- only. 
a) Urban co-operative Banks 
b)Government Assisted Co-operatives 
c) All Co-operatives 
d) None of these 

6. Auditor of a Co-operative Society shall be appointed from among the panel approved by ----------- 
a) Registrar of Co-operative Societies 
b) Director of Co-operative Audit 
d) None of these 

7.From the following which one is hardware of a computer? 
a) DOS 
b) Monitor 
d) None of these 

8.Co-operative Flag was designed by ------------- 
a) William King 
b) Charles Gide 
c) C.R.Fray 
d) None of these. 

9.------------is a statutory reserve created from net profit of a Co-operative Society. 
a) Building fund 
b) depreciation fund 
c) Reserve fund 
d) None of these 

10.Maximum strength of the Managing Committee of a Primary Co-operative Society in Kerala is ----------. 
a) 21 
c) 7 
d) 13 

11) Maximum amount of Co-operative Education fund set apart from he Net profit of a Co-operative Society is Rs.---------- 
a) 40000/- 
b) 60000/- 
c) 15000/- 
d) 25000/- 

12) Maximum limit for surrender of Earned leave admissible to the employees of Co-operative Society on retirement is---------- 
a) 30 days 
b) 45 days 
c) 300 days 
d) 180 days 

13) Gahan is created in form --------- 
a) 8A 
b) 8B 
c) 8D 
d) None of these 

14) Written Examination for direct recruitment to the post of clerks in a primary Credit Society is conducted by ------------- 
a) Public service Commission 
b) Co-operative Service - Examination Board 
c) Managing committee 
d) None of the above 

15) Section 80 of Kerala co-operative societies Act came into effect from -------------. 
a) 1.1.1974 
b) 14.7.1969 
c) 15.5.1969 
d) None of these. 

16) Autonomy and Independence is the ------------ Co-operative principle 
b) 4th
c) 5th
d) none of these 

17) Maximum period of loan fixed for the issue of loans to members in a Service Co-operative Bank is ---------. 
a.12 months 
b) 24 months 
c) 120 months 
d) none of these 

18) Fluid Resources maintained by Service co-operative Bank in Kerala should be invested as per the directions of the---------- 
a.Reserve Bank of India 
b) Registrar of Co-operative Societies 
c) Kerala state Co-operative Bank 
d) none of these 

19) Multipurpose Co-operative Societies are the most important types of Societies in-------------- 
b) England 
c) Japan 
d) none of these 

20) -------------- is an output device. 
a)Paper Tape Reader 
b)) Visual display unit 
c) Printer 
d) None of the above 

21) No member of a Co-operative Society expelled under the provisions of the Kerala Co-operative Societies Act shall be eligible for re- admission in that Society for a period of -------------- from the date of such expulsion. 
a.5 years 
b) one year 
c) 2 years 
d) 3 years 

22) Savings Bank Accounts having no operation for a continuous period ------------ will become in operative. 
a) One year 
b) Two years 
c) 3years 
d) None of these 

23) -------------- is the middle level Co-operative Institution in the Short Term/Medium term credit structure. 
a) State Co-operative Bank 
b) District Co-operative Bank 
c) Urban co-operative Bank 
d) none of these 

24) Legal heirs have to submit ---------- certificate to the Bank for claiming credit balance exceeding Rs. 75000/- 
a) Heir ship certificate 
b) Succession certificate 
c) Death certificate 
d) none of these 

25) Fixed deposit Account is a ----------- liability 
a) Demand liability 
b) Time liability 
c) Contingent liability 
d) none of these. 

26) Garnishee order is issued by the Court on the request of the-------- 
a) Debtor 
b) Creditor 
d) None of these 

27) Expansion of A.T.M is--------------- 
a) Automatic transfer machin
b) Automatic Teller Machine 
c) Automatic Testing Machine 
d) None of these 

28) Liquid Asset is ----------------. 
a) Fixed Asset 
b) Statutory Asset 
c) Floating Asset 
d) None of these 

29) A person is known as ------------- if he is unable to pay his debts n full 
a) Bankrupt 
b) Debtor 
c) Insolvent 
d) none of these 

30) Banker has to look after -------------- before advancing money to the Borrower. 
a) Safety 
b) liquidity 
c) Security 
d) all of these