Cooperative Bank (States) Paper Contributed by Binoj updated on Dec 2021
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Cooperative Bank (States) Paper

                                         Cooperative Bank Clerical Exam Paper

1. Photograph of operators while opening new deposit accounts was insisted as per the recommendation of ------------ 
a) Prof.Vaidyanathan committee 
b) Narasimham committee 
c) Ghosh Committee 
d) none of these 

2. Power of Attorney in writing is executed in the presence of ------------------------- 
a) Banker 
b) Magistrate 
c) Notary 
d) none of these 

3. ----------- is not a negotiable instrument 
a) cheque 
b) demand draft 
c) pay order 
d) all of these 

4. Non-Performing Assets is not ------------- 
a) generating loss 
b) generating income 
c) high yielding loans 
d) none of these 

5. ----------------- is one of the main functions of management. 
a) Classification 
b) identification 
c) control 
d) none of these. 

6. ------------- is the process of measuring or assessing the actual or potential dangers of a particular situation. 
a) recovery management 
b) fund management 
c) risk management 
d) none of these 

7. Interest leakage is occurred when-----------------. 
a) interest paid and payable is larger than interest received and receivable 
b) interest is receivable is larger than interest payable 
c) accumulated loss of the Institution exceeds its own funds. 
d) none of these 

8. Movement of cash to and from the Bank is called --------------- 
a) Cash outflow 
b) cash inflow 
c) cash-in-transit 
d) none of these

9. Customer relationship management confer----------- of the institution. 
a) quality and efficiency 
b) decision support 
c) all of these 
d) none of these 

10. Expansion of the term KYC -------------------. 
a) know your capacity 
b) know your Company 
c) Know your customer 
d) none of these 

11. --------- is one way of oral communication. 
a) e-mail 
b) Television 
c) SMS 
d) none of these 

12.------------- is defined as the interaction of the individual with the environment, an interaction of the people and their jobs. 
a) stress 
b) communication 
c) leadership 
d) ) none of the above 

13. Banking and other financial services were brought under the purview of service tax by------------- 
a) Indian Finance Act 1994
b)Indian Finance Act 2001 
c) Income tax Act 
d) none of these

14.Leaders governance is governance of-------------- 
a) Managing Director 
b) Board of directors 
c) Administrator 
d) none of these 

15. Foot ball game is a good example of------------- 
a) risk management 
b) team management 
c) even management 
d) none of these 

16. Which of the following is a distress? 
a) getting married 
b) changing job 
c) excessive obligations 
d) none of these 

17. Low cost borrowings improves ------------------ of a financial Institution. 
a) stability 
c) profitability 
d) none of these 

18. ------------- is one of the major aspects of Time Management 
a) Excessive communication 
b) Politeness 
c) Regularity 
d) none of these 

19. A good leader ----------------- his group members 
a) controls 
b) dictates 
d) teaches 

20. --------------- involves assessment of various types of risks and altering balance sheet items in a dynamic manner to manage risks. 
a) Risk Management 
b) Recovery Management 
c) Asset and Liability Management 
d) None of these 

21. An employee of an Institution attending office late after the permissible grace time -----------. 
a) can sign in the attendance register 
b) can sign in the late Attendance register 
c) need not sign in any register 
d) none of the above 

22. Letters received in the Co-operative Bank should be entered in ------------ 
a) Dispatch Register 
b) inward register 
c) Admission register 
d) None of these 

23 ---------- is effective to prevent a financing Institution from burglary. 
a) appointing a watchman holding rifle license 
b) installation of safety alarm ,metal detector, video camera 
c) All of the above 
d) None of the above 

24. Customers Relationship Management ----------------- 
a) reduce costs through optimization of business process 
b) increase loyalty 
c) All of the above 
d) none of the above 

25. Encumbrance certificate discloses the liability of --------------- 
a) loanee 
c) Property 
d) none of these 

26. Application for loan from PCARD Bank should be accompanied with ----------- 
a) Title deed of property 
b) Possession and enjoyment certificate 
c) all of these 
d) none of these 

27. The SCARD Banks in the country have formed their own Federation namely--------------. 
a) National Federation of State Co-operative Agricultural and Rural Development Banks. 
b) National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development Bank 
c) National Co-operative Consumer federation 
d) none of these 

28. KSCARDB is permitted to issue debentures under the provisions of ------------------ 
a) Kerala Co-operative Societies Act 
c) Kerala Financial Code 
d) none of these 

29. ---------------- is the Trustee to fulfill the obligation of KSCARD Bank to the holders of debentures. 
a) Government 
b) Registrar of co-operative Societies 
d) none of these 

30. Presumptive value is----------------------------------. 
a) market value of the land preceding to the projected development of land. 
b) value of the land offered as security after the proposed development is affected. 
c) difference between pre-development value and post - development value 
d) ) none of these