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Cooperative Bank (States) Paper

                                         Cooperative Bank Exam Question Paper

1) Font sizes are measured in -------------- 
a) inches 
b) points 
c) bits 
d) none of these 

2) Punched cards were first introduced by -------------- 
a) Powers 
c) Herman Hollerith 
d)None of these 

3) CPU is the abbreviated term of ---------------- 
a) Central processing unit 
b) Central printing unit 
c) Central peripheral unit 
d) None of these 

4) The mouse can also used to---------------with the help of proper software 
a)Draw pictures 
b)Type text 
c) All of the above 
d)none of the above 

5) The --------------- recognize the shape of characters with the help of light sources . 
d)None of these 

6) The device that can understand difference between data and a programme is------------------. 
a)Input device 
b)Output device 
c)Micro processor 
d)None of these 

7) ----------- is the cheapest memory devices in terms of cost/Bit
a)Magnetic disks 
b) Compact disks 
c) Semiconductor memories 
d) None of these 

8) The expansion of D.M.A is ------------- 
a) Direct Memory Allocator 
b) Direct Memory Access 
c) Distinct Memory Access 
d) None of these 

9) The instructions in ------------- are not constantly changing depending upon the needs of the CPU. 
a) RAM disk 
b) ROM disk 
c) Floppy disk 
d) None of these 

10) Two broad categories of software are---------- 
a) Word processing and spread sheet 
b)Windows and Macos 
c)Transaction and applications 
d)None of these 

11) The feature that allows to preview a document in the Computer before it is printed is-------------? 
a) Print Review 
b) page review 
c) Print preview 
d) None of these 

12) Fourth generation computers ------------------- 
a) Were the first to use microprocessors 
b) Were the first to use integrate circuits in the hardware 
c) Were introduced before 1970 
d) All of the above 

13) ------------ is one of the following which can be employed as input device of a computer system. 
a) Printer 
b) Card reader 
c) Punch reader 
d) None of the above 

14) Magnetic disk is also known as--------------. 
a)Floppy Disk 
b) Hard disk 
c) Magnetic Tapes and cassette 
d) None of the above 

15) The process of a computer receiving information from a server on The internet is known as -------------------- 
a) Pulling 
b) pushing 
c) downloading 
d) none of these 

16) Stealing money from an Institution by way of falsification of records is ------------- 
a) Forgery 
b) Breach of Trust 
c) Misappropriation 
d) None of these 

17) Difference between Assets and Liabilities in the Balance sheet is called---------------- 
a) Net profit /net loss 
b) Gross income/expenditure 
c) Net worth 
d)None of these

18) Interest on deposit is -------------- income 
a) Gross income 
b) Revenue income 
c) Capital income 
d) None of these 

19) Budget presented before the General Body of a Co-operative Society after the financial year is called------------- 
a) annual Budget 
b) Supplementary Budget 
c) revised budget 
d) None of these 

20) The word Debenture is derived from --------------. 
a) Debit 
b) Debt 
c) Debee 
d) None of these. 

21) ------------- is one of the elements of Co-operative Governance 
a) Transparency 
b) Autocracy 
c) Bureaucracy 
d) None of these 

22) In the word ’VIBGYOR’, V stands for ---------- 
a) Victory 
b) validity 
c) felt need 
d) none of these 

23) Depreciation is a ---------------. 
a) Statutory reserve 
b) charged provision 
c) Contingent expenditure 
d) None of these 

24) Reserve fund invested comes under ------------- of the Balance Sheet 
a) Asset side 
b) liability side 
c) Both sides 
d) None of these 

25) Maximum percentage of Professional education fund appropriated from the net profit of a Co-operative Society is---------------- 
a) 10% 
c) 5% 
d) c) None of these

26) Liability payable during the year is called --------------. 
a) Current liability 
b) contingent liability 
c) current asset 
d) None of these 

27) Miscellaneous Co-operatives should not collect deposits from------- 
a) Members 
b) Nominal or associate members 
c) Committee Members 
d) all of these 

28) ----------- is a component of working capital of a Co-operative Society 
a) Share 
b) furniture 
c) depreciation reserve 
d) interest on deposits 

29) Maximum age limit for direct recruitment to the post of Deputy General Manager in District Co-operative Bank is --------- 
(a) 37 
(b) 40 
(c) 45 
(d) none of these 

30) Training means ------------- 
a) Knowledge 
b) Attitude 
c) Skill 
d) All of these.