Computer Associates Interview-HR Interview Contributed by Kishore updated on Jan 2021

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  I CA visited our campus and the pattern gave for us contains 85 questions in which question paper-1 has 65 questions covering quantitative, verbal, spatial aptitude, IQ, basic programming. In Question paper-2 as usual they gave a choice for us b/w C++/Java a total of 20 questions.   Total students appeared for written around 160 and selected for written is 37.   Those who cleared written, took 1-technical, 2-managerial rounds (second MR round took by Vice-President, he decides whether you are in or out of the company) and finally HR.   In 5 panels, some panels handled students who opted C++ and other panels for Java. A Part from HR, in every round of interview they asked puzzles and screwed us. Out of 37 finally they selected 7 ppl.   Package: B.Tech, MCA 5.5 lac, M.Tech 6.0 lacs   Unfortunately, I was rejected in (opted java paper in written) technical round after interviewing me for 1 hour.   All the best  for CA Aspirants.