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CMC Whole Testpaper

CMC PAPER ON 27th APRIL AT HYDERABAD Campus interview at Scient inst of technologyAppeared around- 95Cleared written- 5 tesing1st---- Technical section, different for each Branch.50 questions - 30 mins., there was negative marking. Myself being from ECE branchSome of the questions i remember are:

1. Which of the Following is platform independent?

2.Encription and Decription of data is done in which layer
a) presentation 
b) application 
c) session 

3.TCP-UDP layer corresponds to which layer in the OSI model

4.Stack is Implemented by

5 When does an amplifier act as an oscillatoroptions were something like Aß<1, Aß>1, Aß=1 

6. A question on peak inverse ratio

7.A couple of questions on UNIX commands,

8.command for checking file system in UNIX

9Interrupt service routine is executed by a microprocessor when
1. as soon as interrrupt occurs
2.after completeion of the current process....

10transformer is used for coupling when load is..........

11.A JK flip flop figure was given to be identified

12.A clipper circuit was given and its type was asked

13.A clamper circuit

14.Clock pulse is generated bya)astable multivibratorb)bistablec)monostable....
15.A compiler detects what type of errorsa)syntaxb)......

16.Top down approach is used for _____________
a) coding
b)proper planning
c)to skip errors......and the remaining i dont remember.

Aptitude100 questions-- 1hr
1.Around 10 analogies -- basic GRE words,

2. 1 reading comprehension, - simple

3.Very simple Quant, a piece of cake for everyone.( some simple ones on triangles) sufficiency

5.quant comparition- simpleno prep required for quant

6. syllogismsTime management is an important factor for the apt part, quite difficult to finish everything in time.Technical + HRThe technical + HR interview is taken together , separate persons for each.HR, general family background, goal and interests etc.Technical -Any 2-3 subjects of ur interest.-- gotta be really good wid the subject to atleast do a good job. Confidence required, some were asked to xplain the points on the board.Finally 2 got through. Quite a tough one, but is worth it.By,Shruthi