CISF Question-Paper Contributed by Parthip updated on Oct 2020
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                                                 CISF Question Paper

1. Which among the following was the first private sector establishment to get CISF security cover ?
(a) Infosys Campus at Mysore
(b) Infosys Campus at Bengaluru
(c) Reliance Refinery at Jamnagar
(d) Electronic City at Bengaluru

2. CISF is providing security to private sector enterprises on the basis of
(a) Access control only
(b) Access control and response force deployment
(c) Response force deployment only 
(d) Total responsibility of access control, perimeter security and response force deployment to secure the enterprise

3. Which one of the following reflects correctly the meaning of the statement "Industrial Security is a dynamic concept" ?
(a) Every senior officer has his own perception and ideas which change principles of industrial security
(b) Government's priority of industrial security varies from time to time 
(c) Security requirements and threat perception vary according to place and time
(d) Officers handling industrial security change frequently

4. When CISF is to be inducted in the private sector priority is given to 
(a) units located in cities
(b) units located in remote areas 
(c) units located close to the border
(d) units located in naxal, militancy affected or vulnerable areas

5. Which one of the following is not the duty of the members of the force ?
(a) Look after the needs and requirements of the commanding officer
(b) Obey and execute all orders issued to him by his superior authority
(c) Protect and safeguard the industrial undertaking
(d) Protect and safeguard the employees of the industrial undertakings

6. Which of the. following is/are natural disaster(s) ?
(a) Floods
(b) Fire
(c) Drought
(d) All of the above

7. Who is the chairperson of National Disaster Management Authority ?
(a) Union Home Secretary
(b) President of India
(c) National Security Advisor
(d) None of the above

8. During floods the first thing force personnel should do is to
(a) arrest the criminal elements first
(b) wait for senior officer to arrive
(c) contact NGOs for help
(d) immediately take action for rescue of persons surrounded by flood waters

9. Which one of the following is not a poisonous snake ?
(a) Cobra
(b) Krait
(c) Viper
(d) River snake

10.During fire disaster the first duty of policemofficer is to
(a) take precaution to prevent spread of fire
(b) inform and wait for senior officer to arrive
(c) collect all the property at one place
(d) console all the victims of fire

11. TIPS software is used in the X-BIS machines during the pre-embarkation checks to
(a) detect nuclear material
(b) detect all"types of explosives
(c) monitor the efficiency of the screener
(d) None of the above

12. Which is the designated Civil Aviation Security Regulatory Authority in India ?
(a) DGCA
(b) BCAS
(c) AAI
(d) AITA

13. You find that the baggage of the passengers is checked at the entry point of the terminal building. Which security plan is adopted at that airport ?
(a) Hold area plan
(b) Concourse plan
(c) Boarding gate plan
(d) None of the above 

14.At the airports, which agency carries out
(a) CISF
(b) Local police 
(c) Airlines security
(d) Ground Handling Agency

15. Which of the following is/are essential for field craft ?
(a) Understand the layout of the land and identify shelters
(b) Create shelter where it does not exist for taking position
(c) Knowledge regarding the weapon and its effective use
(d) All of the above

16. What is field craft ?
(a) Understanding of the field where you are deployed
(b) Craft for drawing the map of the field
(c) While protecting and securing from fire arms, taking position behind proper man-made/natural shelter and using your fire arms effectively
(d) None of the above

17.In its day-to-day work, CISF mainly deals with
(a) Espionage
(b) Sabotage
(c) Subversion
(d) None of the above

18. Difference between a contact and a source is
(a) contact gives routine information
(b) source gives inside information
(c) contact is mentioned in the register
(d) source is formally paid and registered

19. Which one among the following is installed as a covert system in Perimeter Intrusion Detection ?
(a) Taut wire
(b) Electronic fence
(c) Buried cable
(d) CCTV system.

20.Which one of the following is/are used for perimeter security ?
(a) Intrusion detection device
(b) Power fence
(c) Taut wire
(d) All of the above

21.Which one of the following agencies is the `watch-dog' of all nuclear activities in India ?
(a) Department of Atomic Energy (DAE)
(b) Atomic Energy Regulatory Board(AERB)
(c) International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA)
(d) Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL)

22. The Exclusive Zone in a Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) from centre of a nuclear reactor is
(a) 0.6 km
(b) 1.1 km
(c) 1.6 km
(d) 2.1 km

23. Habitation is not allowed in the Exclusive Zone around a Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) mainly because of
(a) Radiological reasons
(b) Security reasons
(c) Disturbance to scientists
(d) All of the above 

24. In a Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) is put up at
(a) Exclusive Zone
(b) Main Plant Boundary
(c) Waterfront
(d) Operating island

25. Intelligent camera in a CCTV system performs which one of the following functions ?
(a) Identifies a potential threat by measuring his intelligent quotient (IQ)
(b) Identifies a potential threat on the basis of pre-determined behaviour patterns
(c) Spots an un-identified object
(d) None of the above

26. What is the meaning of "Graded Access Control" in a vital installation ?
(a) Access is granted depending on the pay grade of the person
(b) Access is granted only on the basis of need to have an access to the installation
(c) For very vital installations, security' personnel having' higher pay are posted to guard it
(d) These are grades given to various installations

27. "Video Analytics" is
(a) Analysis of various videos of CCTV cameras by a trained person sitting in control room
(b) Analysis of thermal imaging camera pictures by control room in-charge
(c) Computer software which analyses images of CCTV
(d) A tool used for production of catchy videos for MTV

28. Which one of the following is the most advanced form of biometric system ?
(a) Iris print
(b) Palm geometry
(c) Finger print
(d) Foot print

29. TIP software is installed in X-ray Baggage Inspection System (X-BIS) to
(a) help screeners increase throughput of X-BIS
(b) decrease radiation levels
(c) help screeners increase clarity of X-ray images
(d) help screeners maintain efficiency and alertness

30. The Door Frame Metal Detectors (DFMDs) are designed to detect
(a) Iron, steel, lead and aluminium objects
(b) Ferrous and non-ferrous metals only
(c) Lead, aluminium, ferrous and non-ferrous metals
(d) Lead, aluminium, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and metallic alloys

31. Bomb blanket and bomb basket are
(a) detection equipments
(b) disposal equipments
(c) Both (a) and (b)
(d) Neither (a) nor (b)

32. Non-Linear' Junction Detector is used as an equipment of which one of the following ?
(a) Perimeter Security
(b) Bomb disposal
(c) Access control
(d) None of the above, as it is used as an equipment of railway safety

33. Which one of the following equipments is generally used for real time detection of semi-conductor devices, buried underground ?
(a) UVSS
(b) ETD
(c) HHMD
(d) NLJD 

34. Sample collection to check the presence of explosives is carried out by
(a) surface wipe for trace particles using filter unit
(b) surface wipe for vapour using filter unit
(c) air,.collection for trace particles
(d) All of the above

35. Remotely Controlled Vehicle (RCV) is used in
(a) conducting experiments on other planets
(b) bomb disposal
(c) conducting surveillance
(d) All of the above