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Cisco Candidate Experiences

                                                       CISCO Paper Pattern

Hi friends, 

Cisco visit my campus (CUSAT,cochin) on 17-08.Cisco selected 4 students out of 24 who selected out of 500 after written exam.

I didn't get selected. cutoff was high.(44/50).

So you should score high to clear the test. I don't know more about technical question, but according to my friend who selected,you must have a sound knowledge of basics. because they search for best talent. so be confident abot your fundamentals. you can get...


Test was conducted by Cisco. Time allocated was one hour & total no. of questions were 50.There was no negative marking.

Papers contains aptitude, digital electronic,microprocessor,c(pointer),os,data structure,networking.

Questions were not so easy. Aptitude was relatively easier sections among were tougher.

exa: aptitude sections consists of probality,ven diagram,relative velocity(train),men & work,series sum,etc..


ds-binary tree,stack...

mp-memory based i/o,...

de-simplification(AB+BC+AC).,flip flop,.