CGPSC Question-Paper |   1700

CGPSC Question-Paper

                  Chhattisgarh Public Service Commission (CGPSC) Sample Paper

1.Which of the following places is not a headquarter of Development Block in Chhattisgarh ?
Ans (d)

2.In which district of Chhattisgarh Borai industrial area exists?
Ans (c)

3.At which place of Chhattisgarh Jute industry exists

4.Cement industries are found at following places in Raipur district
Select the correct answer
(A)1,2 and 3
(B)2, 3 and 4
(C)2 and 4
(D)3 and 4
(E)1,2, 3 and 4

5. In which district of C.G. there is no silk industry ?
(E) Kawardha

9.Which of the following States does not have Bicameral Legislature ?
(A)Tamil Nadu
(B)Uttar Pradesh
Ans (a)

10.Prime Minister of India is
(E)None of these

11.Which noted Naxal leader was imprisoned at Khammanof A.P. in March 2013?
(B)Ram Reddy
(C)Ram Raja
Ans (e)

12.Who has been apprehended recently for scam in the Adarsh Gas Agency, Chandkhuri ?
(A)Ramesh Agrawal
(B)Pankaj Agrawal
(C)Ranjan Dayal
(D)Shambhu Rajan

13.At which place in C.G. houses and shops were demolished for widening road in January 2013 ?
(E)Mandir Hasod
Ans (d)

14.At which place near Balodabazar and serious accident took place in the Ambuja cement plant on 31 January 2013 ?
(C)Malpuri Khurd
Ans (d)

15.In which sector the Chief Minister of C.G. has declared to establish a commission ?
(A)Medical education
(B)Technical education
(C)Ayurvedic education
(D)School education
(E)Agriculture education

16.Currently which of the following commodity category has the maximum share in India’s imports ?
(A)Capital Goods
(B)Petroleum products
(C)Precious stones
(D)Food products
Ans (b)

17.Which of the following industries provides the maximum employment in India ?
(A)Iron and steel

18.Due to inflation
(A)Prices of goods increase
(B)The value of money falls
(C)The exchange rate improves
(D)Above (A) and (B)
(E)Above (A),(B) and (C)

20.For normal eyes what is the minimum distance for clear vision ?
Ans (d)

21.Approximately what of the following percent of forest area of Chhattisgarh is under sal forest ?
(A)20 percent
(B)30 percent
(C)40 percent
(D)50 percent
(E)45 percent
Ans (c)

22.Approximately what of the following percent of forest area of Chhattisgarh is under teak forest ?
(A)9 percent
(B)12 percent
(C)20 percent
(D)25 percent
(E)28 percent

23.Approximately what percent of country’s tendu leaves are produced in Chhattisgarh ?
(B)20 percent
(C)27 percent
(D)37 percent
(E)40 percent
Ans (b)

24.Which of the following district of Chhattisgarh has the minimum forest area ?
Ans (b)

25.Which of the following bamboo species is largely found in Chhattisgarh ?
(A)Dendrocalamus strictus
(B)Bambusa arundinacea
(C)Bambusa nutans
(D)Bambusa burmanica
(E)None of these

26.What was the estimated production of foodgrains in India for the year 2011-12?
(A)230 million tonnes
(B)210 million tonnes
(C)257 million tonnes
(D)280 million tonnes
(E)305 million tonnes
Ans (c)

27.Which of the following crops in India was losing area under cultivation since 1980-81 to 2011-12?
(D)Coarse Cereals
(E)None of these

28.Which crops of the following are covered under the National Food Security Mission ?
(A)Wheat, Rice and Bajra
(B)Rice, Sugarcane and Maize
(C)Wheat and Coarse Cereals
(D)Wheat, Rice and Pulses
(E)Wheat, Maize and Jowar
Ans (d)

29.During which Five Year Plan, India has achieved the maximum per-capita growth rate ?
(A)Eleventh Plan
(B)Tenth Plan
(C)Eighth Plan
(D)Fifth Plan
(E)Sixth Plan

30.At present, where from the maximum resources are mobilised for India’s public expenditure under plans
(A)From current recejpjs.
(B)From abroad
(C)From public enterprises
(D)From borrowings
(E)From deficit