Central Bank of India Aptitude Reasoning General Awareness Solved Questions |   2049

Central Bank of India Aptitude Reasoning General Awareness Solved Questions

                                             Central Bank of India Clerk Paper


Central Bank of India Aptitude/Reasoning/General awareness questions with answers

1. Which of the following launched in Octoberr 2012,a management t-ool called Horizon Scanning country's sovereign debt, a meeting of finances ministers of 61 countries in Tokyo Japan
c. IMF
d. ADB

2. Which of these countries Announced in October 2012 introduction of Hindi and Mandarim languages in the school to establish deep and strong links
a. USA
b. Canada
c. Australia
d. Britain

3. As per Gartner''s report research house of USA in October 2012 which of the following became worlds no1 PC maker by end of 3 rd quarter of 2012?
a. Lenova
b. Hewalett Packard
c. IBM
d. Samsung
None of these

4.Who among these was honored in USA with the prestigious 2012 Hoover media?
a. Union Ministry of HRD
c. EDC12 (India) Ltd
d. University Grants Commission (UGC)
All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE)

5.World Allergy summit 2012 was held in which of these cities in India in December  2012?
a. Hyderabad
b. Banglore
c. Chennai
d. New Delhi

6.Which of the following countries is the major producer of Gold in the word as of November 2012
a. India
b. China
c. Canda
d. South Africa

7. Which of the following cities is selected to host G20 Summit in 2014?
a. Amsterdam
b. BristbaneMadrid
c. Ottawa
d. Reykavik

8 Aam Admi party was launched by
a. Swami Agnivesh
b. Anna Hazare
c. Kiran Bedi
d. Medha Patkar

9.Pick the odd one out
a. . Kitchen
b. Bathroom
c. Bedroom
d. Floor

10. a. Hear
b. Smell
c. See
d. Talk

11. a. Head
b. Heart
c. . Lung
d. Kidney

12. Madho walks 30 metres towards East,Then he turns to his right and walks 20 metres.Then again turning to his right he walks 30 metres. How far and in which direction is he from his original postition
a. 20 metres north
b. 50 metres south
c. 10 metres west
d. None of these 

13. Beena is the mother of Chirag and Mihika. If Kapil is the husband of Mihika.what is the relation of Beena to Kapil
a. Daughter
b. Mother
c. Sister in Law
d. Mother in Law

14. Ajay travels towards East.Vikas travels towards North.Sonu and Rachit travel in opposite directions. Rachit travels towards right of Ajay which of the follwing is definitely true?
a. Vikas and Sonu travel in opposite directions
b. Sonu travels towards west
c. Rachit travels towards North
d. Vikas and sonu travel in the same direction

15. If KOLKATA is coded as LPMLBUB then MUMBAI can be caded as