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Capgemini Interview-Tech Interview


Capgemini  Inteview Experience




My name is Raghav. I share my intervew experience here.It was the longest one. 35-40 minutes it was. My name was 10th in the list but first 9 were sent to another panel so mine was the first interview of the morning.


Me : Good Morning sir


Interviewerv: Good morning. Take a seat.


Mev: Thank you sir


Interviewer : So tell me about yourself


( Everyone prepares for this question so did I and i prepared my introduction in such a way that he would interrupt me in between and ask me about my project which i prepared so well. But from his expression he must have thought that i m just saying what i have prepared so he didnt interrupt me in between and told me to carry on even when i completed my whole introduction. )


Me : answered confidently


Interviewer : So tell me your fav subjects


Me : Data structures, RDBMS, C, JAVA


Interviewer asked 4-5 questions from sql queries tried to confuse me but I was confident. I answered all of them. 


Interviewer : Do you know about joins?


Me : Yes sir....


Interviewer : Dont write any query. just tell me how they work


Me : explained


Interviewer : Show me your DMCs Gave him my file.


Then he asked me questions from almost every subject from 1st sem to 6th sem in which i scored either a 10 grade point or 7 grade point.


Interviewer : Okay so you scored 10 points in electrical engg in frst sem so you must be very good in that


Me :Yes sir it was first sem so was enthusiastic about most of the things.


Interviewer : Tell me what is a motor ?


Me : Sir it has something to do with the voltage that when we provide voltage and turbine starts moving.


Interviewer : It converts mechanical energy to electrical


Me : Yes sir


Interviewer : If u knew then why didnt you tell me.


Me : Sir done that subject in first sem so was not able to recall it now.


Interviewer : I did it 20 years back but i was able to do it.I kept quiet there.(my mistake)


Interviewer : So in digital circuits and logical design you scored 7 points. what happened there?


Me : Sir i dont have much interest in circuits and all so....


Interviewer: Okay so have you done k-maps


Me : sir ( hesitant)


Interviewer : Okay tell me about AND gate and OR gate  


Me : explained


Interviewer: What is this subject natural language processing


Interviewer : Which courses have you done?


Me : sir i have done java, c++ and c. (my mistake... i have a hold over java but the last thing he heared is c so asked me ques in that)


Interviewer : Okay you have done java, c and c++? why not anymore


Me : Sir if i do something i do it fully so i did these languages properly


Interviewer : Okay tell me why C is still persistent and other languages have come and gone


Me : explained a bit... told about use of pointers.


Interviewer : What are pointers ?


Me : explained


Interviewer : Does java use pointers?


Me : no sir and explained why


Interviewer : Okay tell me about exception handling in java


Me : explained


Interviewer : Why java is platform independent, what is polymorphism, what is the use of final keyword


Me : explained all


Interviewer : Tell me about the switches and hub in networking


Me : sir not able to recall fully at this time but had something to do with the connection making process between the systems


Interviewer : So here is a subject called design and analysis of algo


Me : Yes sir... It is basically implementation of data structures( tried to divert him from there so that he ask me from data structures which i have prepared)


Interviewer : Okay what are data structures


Me : explained


Interviewer : What is quicksort ?


Me : explained


Interviewer : Again coming back to the queries you wrote in the first place ,Interviewer asked a few more queries


Me : explained


Interviewer : Why do you want to join capgemini


Me : Sir because i want to join the IT sector....(interrupted)


Interviewer : Why ?


Me : Because it plays the largest role in the GDP of the country...(interrupted again)


Interviewer : Why?


Me : Sir because nothing today is possible without computers sir...


Interviewer : Okay if you are sent to south. would you be okay with it?


Me : definitely sir... I am just looking to work and learn to improve my knowledge so that with my experience later on i would be able to contribute towards the success of the company... so if company wants me to work there, i m more than happy to work there.


Interviewer : Make sure when you study, dont study for the grades, study for the knowledge 


Me : yes sir, sure. (do welcome any suggestions from his side)


Interviewer(with a very bad expression): Thanku for your precious time. goodbye


Mine was a pure technical interview but other interview in my panel were just of 5-7 minutes. He asked others about there project and one or two hr questions.Result was out after 13 hours when i gave the interview and 82 students were selected and i was one of them .. It was an awesome feeling......