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Hai friends, first of all i thank all the members of this forum for posting such useful messages, which helped me a lot and following is my interview pattern which held in anna university, coimbatore on 15th august 
basically there were three rounds

* 2 sections were there (25 apps + 25 verbal)
* its very easy one, but the problem is negative marking(-0.25). 
* Go through all the previous papers 
* don't attend everything, there is maximum cut off i think so
* its better to get between 25-30
* its an elimination round. nearly 1600 ppls only 150 are short listed.

* its not a problem, if u have basic communcation skill. 
* my gd topic was.. why is america dominating the world, and my frnd's topics were Is senior players required in indian cricket team, IT vs non-IT.(be updated with current events).
* its not an elimination round, out of 150 nearly 110 were selected. 

* be frank, don try to confuse, be clear with basic concepts of IT and some simple programs (swap, palindrome, string reverse.....).
* for me it lasts for 30 minutes. HR was very friendly.
* if u donno the answer say him frankly, be bold and confident.
* u can expect basic qns like temme about yourslf, y capgemini, strength and weakness.
* i was asked to answer this qn "u are a team leader, your project deadline is today and u r not able to finish it, at this situation what will u do ?"
* dress neatly, shave your beard, be professional. 
* basic communication skill is the main aspect here.
* out of 110->80 were selected finally.

p.s: since they need 10,000+ professionals by 2010,if u clear the written and u hv a basic tech & comm skil, there is no doubt that u r an employee of CG.
abt company: baru s rao - ceo,capgemini india
paul hermilin - group ceo capgemini,serge kampf chairman,salil pareekh -chairman, capgemini india
Founded 1967.Headquarters Paris, France.Industry IT, Consulting, Outsourcing and Professional services.Revenue $12 billion (2007).Employees 86,000+ [2008](17k+ in india).Website #6 BEST EMPLOYER 2007 FOR IT PROVIDERS IN INDIA DATAQUEST ID 

Meet u at CG