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Capgimini Interview and GD

                                         Capegemini Interview Experience

Friends, I am sharing my Experience of this drive. Hope so, this will add some value to your preparation and also give you some boost in your confidence level.Capgemini conducted this drive in ITER, Bhubaneswar(ODISHA).

Total student appeared : 3060
Total got selected : 75
Different Round: ( Written , GD , PI )

1st Round:Written (Aptitude, Reasoning,Verbal)

75 Questions : 90 minutes; Each section having 25 qestions,Each have sectional cutoff, For each wrong answer -0.25 marks

Note: Reasoning section has 2 Flow Chart ,each having 4-5 Question which is difficult one, So, Prepare well about Flow chart Problem. And also one PI chart problem having 4 Questions.
In this I attempted 57 Question , but more than 15 Question from each sections.(Perhaps sectional cutoff would be 50-60%.)

Tips (given by HR): Don't try to tick all Question, First try 15 from each, then 5 from each,If you get time then try other remaining.For this round about 400 members (3rd Batch) appeared : 47 cleared.

2nd Round : Group Discussion(GD : 30 minutes)

Our Topic : "Effect of Social Media on our Society"

Note: Speak specific to the Topic , don't divert it to other topic, Understand topic well then speak. In our case same thing happened.Due to this reason, HR scolded our team.Then I entered into the GD ,I was 7th member(out of 10) to jump into the discussion, but I spoke well to the Topic.Never think that who speaks 1st or 2nd get selected,the thing is that when you get your chance speak perfect to the point,you will surely get so don’t loose your heart if you donot start.

For this round 10 were in Group : 6 got chance for PI.

3rd Round : Personal Interview 

My Experience in Interview:

ME : Went inside and wished....
HR : Told to sit...

HR : Seen my resume and asked, you are doing Internship ?
ME : Yes, sir..

HR : Then why you came here ,they will keep you after complition...
ME : I replied with valid reason....(Every one has their own points…).I told like……… Sir, they are non profitable organisation,they provide Free training to students.They outsource the students to different Company like HSBC,yours………

HR : What's ur branch ?
ME : I told 'EC'. (my first mistake)( Never tell short form in interview)

HR : What is this ?
ME : Electronics and communication.

HR : Tell your favourite subject .
ME : SAP-ABAP (I told it because recently I was doing this course and I am Good at this… so, you all try to give that subject which you know Well…)

HR : I don't know SAP, Then..?
ME : you can ask me in C or C++ coding , sir..

HR : I don't know SAP nor C,.. Should I arrange SAP HR for your Interview.
ME : If it is possible ,it will be better for me ,sir....(tell these type of answers cool and confidently)

HR : Asked my B.Tech Favourite subject...
ME : I told 'DEC'. (My second mistake)( Never tell short form in interview)

HR : He scolded me and said if I start asking in short then you think....
ME : said 'sorry' , and explained about it.

HR : Asked me to draw MUX.
ME : Drawn... furthur asked in deep for its output but i was unsuccessful to answer it fully...

HR : This is your favourite subject,how could you forget it...?
ME : Sir, That I read in 2nd year,That was my favourite, still have some idea but in deep recently I forgot ,Recently I am giving much focus to Coding and SAP-ABAP....(If you face such ques. try to influence him & give some valid reason confidently)

HR : Gave a brain stroming question.....
(There are two door, Each door has a Robert as Guard. These door leads you to Heaven and other one to Hell,But you don't known which one is Hell and which one is Heaven.Out of two Robert Guard tells Lie, Which you also don't know which one tell Lie and which one Truth. YOU HAVE TO ASK A QUESTION FROM EACH ROBERT AND YOU HAVE TO GO TO HEAVEN,......? )
ME : I tried that question but not fully came to conclusion.... Atlast he explained me using some logical Gate concept....

HR : Gave a mathematical Question...
( A cone of each slanting side and diameter with 10cm each. A cylinder is inside this cone from 5cm of slanting side till base. Find the volume of cylinder.)
ME : While I was trying....he asked about formula of Volume of cone and cylinder...
I told and also calculated the volume....

HR : Tell me about yourself...
ME : Its my pleasure to.......Told

Tips:( Start like this,
1. your name with where you belong...
2. Recently where you are staying.....
3. About your academic...(first higher degree...)
4. Recently what are you doing....(like some internshipor courses...)
5. Also tell what are you good at...( java,SAP-ABAP,DB2 or project...)
6. Tell about your strength and achievement...(Never tell your weakness here nor in Resume...)
7. About hobby....(if you want....I never tell this )
8. About family background...(which family you belong,your parents and siblings and what are they doing) It is more than enough....if you tell these confidently...
For this friend, Try to speak it daily in front of mirror or friend....because how you tell about yourself, will give a great impression about you to HR...)

HR : Why do you want to join Capgemini..?
ME : As I am young Graduate ,its great platform to start my professional life, apart from this, this is one of my dream company.Working with such a company will add feather to my career......(If you answer such Question ,tell some points that how it will help you to grow)

HR : I will put you in Non-Development job,still you want to join..?
ME : Recently, I my first motive to get job in such a stable company, further seeing my progress and commitment you will surely put me in Development part.

HR : What will keep you away from the office...?
ME : Sir, Till now I have not faced such type of situation,.....(Told my unique strength).......and I assure you that I will do the same if I get hired........

HR : Told me to ask Question , If any..?
ME : I asked....For which platform this Recuitment is going on..?

HR : Explained......any other Question..?
ME : When will be the joining....If I get hired....?

HR : Told ...It will be sent to your T & P after results get out..... any other...?
ME : No.....Thank you...sir..... 

After few days, I got a call from my friend , he told that he got selected and said your name is also in the Final selected candidate list.But I couldn’t believe that so easily, so I went to see the list in ITER,I was there in LIST. That was a great moment for me. My 14 months wait after B.Tech over.This Job in CAPGEMINI was my B’Day Gift to me which is unforgetable, I was so Lucky to be in those 75 candidates List out of 3060 candidates.

Thanks to my all beloved ones who directly or indirectely helped me and Guided me to achieve it.

All the best !!!