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Hi Friends, I am Sachin shintre ( from RAIT.

I have attended pool campus of capgemini  at SIES college Nerul. There were 3 colleges and 270 ppl attended it out of that 35 were selected for GD though almost whole paper was repeated from previous paper expect 5 to 6 were new. If you want to get cleared aptitude then try to solve as much as possible because they select on top 30 to 40 students in aptitude.
2nd step was GD we were divided in group of 8 to 10.
Topic were simple("Should there be age limit on politician (my topic)" , "should India be divide into different part"). In GD you need to speak atleast 3 to 4 good points and don’t get into debate or try to speak more, let other also get chance.
They selected 4 to 6 from each group. So out of 35 only 21 got GD cleared, i was one of them. After that there were interview, it was both HR+Tech, around 25 to 40 mints. Be cool in interview don’t try to act smart. Just present yourself as you are. After Interview Result were announce only 9 were selected  and i was one of them.
In interview they will ask you questions like
1. Tell me about yourself
2. Your hobbies
3. Strengths and weakness(be prepare for this questions)
4. What you know about capgemini and why do you want to join us?
Technical they will ask you whether you are comfortable with C, C++, Java, DBMS
1. Program for simple sort, quick sort, taking out duplicate out of string
2. Then some Sql queries, JDBS connection
3. Whats is OOPs (do it properly) All features
4. What is difference Between C and c++
And lastly your project they will ask you about your project in details
What was your part in project and will ask you question on that.
At last thanks.
So be confident, and yourself. So best of luck
See you in Capgemini.
Sachin shintre.