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hi, this is Tej from GITAM. I got into Capgemini on 23 July 2008.
To get into Capgemini you need to first write a written test which consists of two sections 
quant 25 questions and reasoning 25 questions.
there is no upper cut off and for qualifying to the next round you need to get minimum of 10marks in each section.
1m for correct answer and -1/4 for wrong answer.

Next we had a gd round where the topics can be choosed by the students or yet times given the hr.
the topics are quite simple like and elimination in gd was not that serious actually coz people who were not able to
speak were given a chance by the hr himself and made to talk henceforth many of them got through gd.
cell phones should be banned in college.
congress vs bjp.
infaltion and hike in petrol prices.
and many more all general topics.

then hr round + tr round.
we never actually know whether we are gonna have a hr round or a tr round so be prepared for both coz ppl from both 
the sections are gonna come.
my hr was mainly tr and stress hr round. i answered most of the questions with ease and patience but i thought i was
not doing that well coz at that point i never knew i was under stress interview.
i was asked many questions on different things and about friends.
i was continuously encountered with satires and various kinds of negative expressions.
this was just to test my patience and my reactions when under stress.
simply be calm, have a smile in your face. if you don't know something just tell him that you don't know it,
that'l help you a lot.
try to be as calm and cool as possible never loose hope when your interview is going on.
smile that is the only thing you can do when your under lots of stress.

finally i was able to get into capgemini.

over 600 people attempted written test and 150 got through written.
113 got through gd 
and finally 70 got job.
I was one among.