Canarys Automations Pvt Ltd. Whole-Testpaper Contributed by Yogesh updated on Jan 2021

Recruitment Process consists 3 rounds


1.Written Test


b)Verbal and Reasoning

No of questions : 25

Time Limit:40 Minutes

2 Technical

In technical concentrate on Basics  from IS branch from DS,Microprocessor,OS,computer Network,Software engineering

3 HR

HR will be formal and they will tell about 3 year bond agreement, if you agreement for this they will call for you  to technical discussion


1. (32/343)^(4

2. IF a person’s salary is rs. X. He spends 10% on rent, 15% of remaining on edu of his children, and 10% of the remaining on clothes. Then remains rs 4131. What is his salary? Ans=Rs.6000 .

3.       A       a         B


bcc                      c

C                  D              E

Triangle BDE is isosceles. find total area of the figure?

ANS: b(a+b/2).

4. A Girl has m mins of homework in each of her s subjects? Find the part of how completed in 1 hour? Ans= 60/ms.

5. A can is 4/5 th full. If 6 glasses of oil is removed and 4 glasses of oil added, it is 3/4th full. What is its capacity? Ans= 40 litres

6. 3X-9<0. Which condition does x not satisfy from below?

A) -2  b) 1  c) 2  d)3    ans=d

7. (A/b)^(x-1)=(b/a)^(x-3)      x=?

8. A’s salary is 33 1/3 % more than B. By how much is B’s salary less than A?  Ans=25%


1.Symbol of PNP transistor? Choose one from 4 given figures..

2.Voltage follower is used for:

A) Connecting low impedance load to low impedance sources.
B)            High                  low
C)            High                  high
D)            Low                   high

3. Sequential circuits:

A) Op depends on present ip and past op
B) Only present ip       C) Only past op  D) Does not depend on anything.

4.In combinational circuits: Options are same as above

5. Consider an half adder with delay d and a flip flop delay of d, calculate total delay..

6.                             L

        B                          s2                     


A, B, C, L are similar lamps. At what combination of switches (S1,S2,S3) open or close does l glow brightest..

7. an m bit hamming code, it can correct..

A) errors upto m bits   B) Errors uptp m/2 bits  C) 2m bits   D) Greater than m bits.

8. An energy efficient transformer core is made up of? ( Si alloy steel, iron, c, d)

9. Darlington pair is used to
A) Increase beta factor and dec I/p resistance
B) Increase beta factor and inc I/p resistance
C) Increase beta factor and dec o/p resistance
D) Increase beta factor and inc o/p resistance

10.Which instn does not affect z flag?
A) inc b    B  dcr b    C inx b      D dcx b

11. Which of these is pic( 8259, 8279, both, 8159)

12. Mode 2 in 8255 is used for opn of
A) Port 1 only   B) Port 2 only     C) Both ports 1 & 2    D) None

13. what is 1c 72? (voltage controller, current controller, sine wave generator, sq wave generator)

14. A 16 bit register can hold (2’s complement form)

A) 0 To 255    B) -32767 To +32767    C) -32768 To +32767    D) -32767 To +32768


14. if a has 33 1/2 % richer than B , B is less than A by.

a.16 1/3 b.27 c. 38 d. 42

1510% of an officer deducted for hr, 15% rent, 20% of the rest for savings, n remaining for ….. that is equal to 1431… find the total amt…(RS AGG)

16If M min spent on each sub n there r s subjects , time spent in am hour in all is ..

a.1/MS b. 60/MS c. 60M/s d. MS/60

Ans: b.

4.Area of |————|
b | |
i have jus tried to make a fig.. i hope u got it a rect attached with a triangle find area ..

Ans : a*b+ 1/2 *b*b

=b(a+b/2) sq.meters

17. 8254 counter :
down ctr
up “
up-down “

18an x bit processor is defined by
a.prog ctr size
b.address bits
c.ale signal
d.none of the above

19A bjt in cb mode is
a. power ampl.
b. current “
c. voltage ampl.
d. power / current “

20. find odd one:
z 80
ans: 8086 (16 bit)

a. interrupt 1> I/O device

b. hold 2>memory

c. wait 3> DMA ctroller

ans: a-1 , b - 3, c - 2

22..PPI is: 8255

23.Keypad ctroller is 8279