Birlasoft Whole-Testpaper Contributed by Naresh Sharma updated on Jul 2020
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Hi frnds I am  Naresh Sharma

Faced   written of BirlaSoft There were 50 question in 50 min   25-Technical  (specialy java,dbms,unix) 15-Apptitude   very simple 10-English        3-4(idoms phrases),3 antonyms  2-synonyms   1)  Technical-   1: Convert the given decimal no to octal no 2: Convert the given decimal no to hexadecimal 3: Convert the given octal no to hexadecimal 4: Difference b/w ASCII and EBSDIC code 5: Defination of data abstraction 6: Defination of encapsulation 7: In java  2.3 +"5.2" is equivalent to         Ans is "7.5" 8: In java range of  char 9: If 2 table contais 70 and 50 rows then there join will contain hw many rows         Ans     3500 10:One question of jdbc connectivity 11:Charactristic of view 12:Kernal id of unix                                    Ans 0 13:3-4 question from software engg (easy)   1) Aptitude   1: If circumfrace of a circle is 44 then area is? 2: If the avg of 3 boy age is 15 and ratio of age is 3:5:7 then age of youngester boy is? 3: A core contain 12% zink for 70kg zink hw many core require? 4: Salary is 50% decrease and then 50% increase total loss/profit 5: A book was bought at 20%discount on original price and sold 40% profit of bought price total profit n loss? 6: Direction related question? 7:Avg of 15 inning were 30 after makin 80 runs increase by 1.5 new avg is? 8:A boy can finish aa work in 12 days and a man in 9 days if efficiancy of man is 2 times of boy then man will complete in hw many days?   3) English   1: Chicken hearted means? 2: A close saved means? 3: If winter comes then sprinn will not turn over means? 4: Autonomy   antonym is depend   2 Question of correctin of sentence?   GD   After that GD round was there Some GD topic are- 1: Internet(it was mine) 2: Is marridge is buisness now 3: Future of IT industry 4: Who will be gud president Pratibha or Shekhavat     By Naresh Sharma  Buy