BARC Whole-Testpaper Contributed by Riya updated on Jul 2020
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BARC Previous years different examinations solved questions with answers.  BARC placement paper Questions with answers of aptitude General Knolwedge current affairs questions with answers

Questions 1 – 5 : Which does not belong to the same group.
1. A. Jupiter
B. Mercury
C. Moon
D. Neptune
E. None of these
Ans : C. Except Moon, all others are planets.

2. A. Square
B. Rectangle
C. Circle
D. Parallelogram
E. None of these
Ans : C. Except Circle, All others have four sides

3. A. Apple
B. Carrot
C. Mango
D. Grapes
E. None of these
Ans : B. Except Carrot, All others are fruits.

4. A. Bench
B. Student
C. Desk
D. Table
E. None of these
Ans : B. Except student, all others are furniture

5. A. Land
B. Lake
C. Sea
D. River
E. None of these
Ans : A. Except Land, all others have water.

Questions 6 – 10 : 3 words are given. The first two in each group are related in some way. Choose 4th word which is related to the 3rd word as one and two are related:
6. Ship : Water = train :___
A. Path
B. Road
C. Passenger
D. Track
E. None of these
Ans :D. Train passes through Track

7. Doctor : Patient = teacher :____
A. Class
B. Student
C. School
D. Lesson
E. None of these
Ans : B. Teacher : Student

8. Paper : Pen = blackboard :___
A. Chalk
B. Wood
C. Class
D. Cardboard
E. None of these
Ans :.A. Blackboard : Chalk

9. Individual : Family = Family :___
A. State
B. House
C. Society
D. Nation
E. None of these
Ans : Family : Society

10. HIJ : MNO = RST :___
E. None of these
Ans : RST : WXY, There are two letters between J & M in the same way there are two letters between T and W.

Question 11 – 12 : Complete the series :
11. 1/5, 3/7, 6/11, 10/19,____
B. 16/35
C. 17/35
D. 20/35
E. None of these
Ans :A. 15 Here the numerator follows the rule +2, +3, +4, +5, and the denominator 35, follows the rule +2, +4, +8, +16,……..

12. F. K. P _____
A. T
B. U
C. V
E. None of these
Ans :.B. F >K >P >U

13. A husband and wife have five married sons. Each of these had four children. How many members are there in the family?
A. 50
B. 40
C. 32
D. 36
E. None of these
Ans : C. There are 32 members in the family.

14. In a certain code POLISH is written as MLIFPE. How id DIG written in the same code?
E. None of these
Ans : D. AFD

15. Mr. X travels towards 3½Kms. North, then turns towards west and travel 1½Kms. Then he turns towards south and travels 3 ½ Kms. How far is the from his starting point?
A. 7Kms.
B. 4½ Kms.
C. 2½ Kms.
D. 1½ Kms.
E. None of these
Ans : D. 1½ Kms.

16. The law by which people are asked to submit to Government accounts of dealings in foreign currency is:
B) Customs law
C) Income-tax law
Ans : A) FREA

17. The Konkan railway has been constructed between:
A) Thiruvananthapuram and Mumbai
B) Mangalore and Chennai
C) Thiruvananthapuram and Goa
D) Mangalore and Mumbai
Ans : D) Mangalore and Mumbai

18. The part of a computer, which receives the information supplied, is:
A) Control Unit
B) Memory Unit
C) Output Unit
D) Input Unit
Ans : D) Input Unit

19. When did the dynasty of Sultans rule over India ?
A) Between 17th century A.D and 19th century A.D
B) Between 13th century A.D and 16th century A.D
C) Between 8th century A.D and 10th century A.D
D) Between 5th century A.D and 8th century A.D
Ans : B) Between 13th Century and 16th Century A.D.

20. The name given to the symbol of the National games held atBangalore was
A) Nandi
B) Nandu
C) Appu
D) Micky
Ans : B) Nandu

21. The tennis player who won the ladies single championship inWimbledon, the most times:
A) Monica Seles
B) Steffi Graph
C) Martina Hingis
D) Martina Navratilova
Ans : D) Martina Navratilova

22. Under what condition does a lunar eclipse take place?
A) The earth comes between the sun and the moon
B) The Moon comes between the sun and the earth
C) The sun comes between the earth and the moon
D) The sun, moon and earth are in a straight line in any order
Ans : A) The earth comes between sun and moon

23. The name given to the instrument sent to Mars, in 1997, for investigations , by moving around is:
A) Orbiter
B) Viking
C) Mariner
D) Sojourner
Ans : D) Sojourner

24. Why is it that the color of earth is red at certain places ?
A) It contains more nitrogen
B) It contains oxides of iron
C) It contains sand formed out of red rocks
D) It does not contain alluvial soil
Ans : B) It contains oxides of iron

25. The film actor who received Dada Saheb Phalke Award for 1996, given in 1997 is
A) Kamala Hasan
B) Dr. Raj Kumar
C) Sivaji Ganeshan
D) Ashok Kumar
Ans : C) Sivaji Ganesan.

26. Which of the following gives the percentage of carbon dioxide present in atmosphere?
A) 5%
B) 3%
C) .3%
D) .03%
Ans : D) .03%

27. Whose name is associated with the Theory of Evolution?
A) Lamarck
B) Weisman
C) Charles Darwin
D) De vries
Ans : C) Charles Darwin

28. The Paris Commune took place in
A) 1900
B) 1871
C) 1921
D) 1847
Ans : B) 1871

29. The Srimoolam Prajasabha was established in Travancore in :
A) 1904
B) 1910
C) 1918
D) 1932
Ans : A) 1904

30In connection with which of the following movements did Gandhiji come to kerala ?
A) Guruvayoor Satyagraha              
B) Vaikam Satyagraha         
C) Paliam Satyagraha                      
D) Salt Satyagraha
Ans :  B) Vaikam Sathyagraha