Bank of India General-Awareness Contributed by Arjun updated on Sep 2021
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Bank-of-India General Awareness

  Bank of India General Awareness Paper

(1)This ‘Mango Hybrid Variety’ is early maturity, dwarf and having attractive colour, suitable for ‘Chotanagpur Region’ for the India?
(A) Amrapali 
(B) Safed Maldah 
(C) Malika 
(D) Gulab Khas 
(E) Ratna

(2)Production period in case of tea after gestation period is to the extant of …… ?
(A) 100 years 
(B) 50 years 
(C) 25 years 
(D) 10 years 
(E) 5 years

(3)Recently, this Public Sector Bank, had launched an innovation called ‘Village Knowledge Centre’ wherein technology is used to help the farmers improve his productivity ? 
(A) Punjab National Bank
(B) Central Bank of India 
(C) United Bank of India 
(D) United Commercial Bank 
(E) Union Bank of India

(4)Which one of the following is the name of a fungicide which can move mainly upwards within the plant and kill the pathogen away from the point of application ? 
(A) Semesan 
(B) Demosan 
(C) Cuprosan 
(D) Tulisan 
(E) Ceresan

(5)This state is the Leading Producer of Vegetables in India contributing around 19 per cent of country’s production from 17 per cent of the total area under vegetable— 
(A) Maharashtra 
(B) Bihar 
(C) West Bengal 
(D) Andhra Pradesh 
(E) Karnataka

(6)This being the only country in the world producing all four known commercial varieties of silk viz., Mulberry, Tasar, Eri and Muga— 
(A) China 
(B) Brazil 
(C) Japan 
(D) India 
(E) Korean Republic

(7)Which one of the following Pearl Millet (Bajra) variety is early maturity, with high yield and suitable for Haryana State under irrigated and rainfed situation ? 
(A) GHB-757 
(B) HHB-146 
(C) GHB-538 
(D) HHB-94 
(E) RHB-121

(8)This Central Cattle Breeding Farm is producing ‘HFx Tharparkar Crossbred Bulls’ for breeding purpose in India— 
(A) Andeshnagar (U.P.) 
(B) Dhamrod (Gujarat) 
(C) Hassergatha (Karnataka) 
(D) Suratgarh (Rajasthan) 
(E) Alamdhi (Tamil Nadu)

(9)Which one of the following countries, ‘Annual Per Capita Consumption’ of Wine is highest (50 litres) ? 
(A) China 
(B) Australia 
(C) USA 
(D) France 
(E) Germany

(10)The Head Quarter of ‘National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB) which was established on 10th July, 2006 for realizing full potential of Indian Fisheries sector is located at— ?
(A) Rajendranagar (Hyderabad) A.P. 
(B) Cochi (Kerala) 
(C) Mangalore (Karnataka) 
(D) Mumbai (Maharashtra) 
(E) Bhubaneshwar (Orissa)