APSC Placement Paper |   3506

APSC Placement Paper

             Assam Civil Service (Preliminary) Examination Previous Year Solved Paper

1. Habeas corpus writ is associated with
(A) anticipatory bail
(B) quashing the order of Un administrative authority
(C) an order of freedom of speech
(D) production of person before the court
Ans: (D)

2. Drip irrigation is mostly practised in India especially for
(A) tea and coffee
(B) rice
(C) wheat
(D) vegetables (Rabi crops)
Ans: (D)

3. Grey Revolution is associated with
(A) production of cement
(B) commercial production of eggs
(C) productions of sweets
(D) steel production
Ans: (A)

4. The mass of an iron piece when gets rusted
(A) may increase or decrease depending upon temperature
(B) decreases
(C) increases
(D) remain same
Ans: (B)

5. The purest form of gold is
(A) 18 carat
(B) 22 carat
(C) 24 carat
(D) 28 carat
Ans: (C)

6. The National Flood Control Programme (NFCP) for flood control in India was launched in the year
(A) 1951
(B) 1954
(C) 1947
(D) 1960
Ans: (B)

7. The Integrated Wasteland Development Programme (IWDP) is sponsored by
(B) Government of India
(C) Asian Development Bank
Ans: (B)

8. In which Indian State is the hill station Kodaikanal situated?
(A) Andhra Pradesh
(B) Uttar Pradesh
(C) Tamil Nadu
(D) Rajasthan
Ans: (C)

9. Which is the longest river in Asia?
(A) River Surama
(B) River Ob
(C) River Ganga
(D) River Brahmaputra
Ans: (B)

10. What is the percentage of oxygen in the earth's crust?
(A) 92
(B) 50
(C) 61
(D) 45
Ans: (D)

11. Name the country which is known as the 'Land of Morning Calm'.
(A) Japan
(B) Korea
(C) Indonesia
(D) Canada
Ans: (B)

12. What is the precise time taken by the earth for one rotation?
(A) 24 hr
(B) 24 hr 30 min
(C) 23 hr 56 min 4.09 sec
(D) 24 hr 5 min 5.02 sec
Ans: (C)

13. The total area of Assam is
(A) 80645 km2
(B) 78438 km2
(C) 79012 km2
(D) 77901 km2
Ans: (B)

14. The largest continent in the world is
(A) Europe
(B) North America
(C) Asia
(D) Africa
Ans: (C)

15. Assam State enjoys
(A) tropical climate
(B) hot climate
(C) warm climate
(D) cold climate
Ans: (A)

16. Terai zone is situated at Assam's
(A) North zone
(B) East zone
(C) South zone
(D) West zone
Ans: (B)

17. The National Park of Assam where the rare white-winged duck (Deohanh) is found is
(A) Nameri
(B) Dibru Saikhowa
(C) Manas
(D) Orang
Ans: (A)

18. What is the name of the new island emrging out of the Bay of Bengal?
(A) Sonali
(B) Dhan Khuli
(C) Purbasa
(D) Uttara
Ans: (C)

19. Which of the following is related to international trade?
Ans: (A)

20. Of the total geographical area of Assam the total area under forest is
(A) 33 p.c
(B) 22 p.c
(C) 28 p.c
(D) 19 p.c
Ans: (B)

21. World's largest producer of gold is
(A) Saudi Arabia
(C) South Africa
(D) Canada

22. When was Mizoram converted into a Union Territory?
(A) 1969
(B) 1972
(C) 1949
(D) 1951
Ans: (B)

23. Which is the world's longest railway line?
(A) Trans-Siberian line
(B) Texas Railway line
(C) Trans-Austin line
(D) Trans-American line
Ans: (A)

24. For a healthy adult Indian, the Body Mass Index (BMI) Should be in the range of
(A) 11.51 - 18
(B) 18.5 - 24.9
(C) 25-30
(D) None of the Above
Ans: (B)

25. Black hole is an object to be found
(A) at the bottom of oceans
(B) in the sky
(C) inside a current –carrying conductor
(D) None of the above
Ans: (A)

26. Minimum velocity required by a body to escape earth’s gravitation (escape velocity) is
(A) 9.5 km/s
(B) 11.2 km/s
(C) 13 km/s
(D) 24.25 km/s
Ans: (B)

27. Which one of the following is not an operating system of computers?
(A) Sun 05
(C) GNEXT/Linux
(D) Windows NT
Ans: (A)

28. Which is the largest moon in the solar system?
(A) Ganymede
(B) Titan
(C) Lo
(D) Callisto
Ans: (A)

29. Pacemaker is implanted in heart when one of the following is defective
(A) SA node
(B) AV node
(C) Purkinje fibre
(D) Bundle of His
Ans: (A)

30.When a person is undergoing prolonged fasting, his/her urine will contain abnormal quantity of
(A) fat
(B) ketone
(C) amino acid
(D) glucose
Ans: (B)

31. Science of improving human race is
(A) eugenics
(B) epigenesis
(C) epistasis
(D) euthenics
Ans: (A)

32. A photon will have less energy, if its
(A) amplitude is higher
(B) frequency is higher
(C) wavelength is longer
(D) wavelength is shorter
Ans: (C)

33. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is mainly a mixture of
(A) propane and butane
(B) butane and isobutane
(C) propane and isobutane
(D) propane and tetralin
Ans: (A)

34. One of the elements of direct democracy is
(A) refrendum
(B) equality
(C) free and fair election
(D) universal adult franchise
Ans: (A)

35. 'Purna Swaraj' resolution of the Congress was adopted on
(A) 26th January, 1930
(B) 26th January, 1931
(C) 26th January, 1929
(D) 26th January, 1932
Ans: (A)

36. Article 80 of the Indian Constitution deals with the formation of the
(A) Rajya Sabha
(B) Lok Sabha
(C) Legislative Council
(D) District Council
Ans: (A)

37. The Fundamental Duties were incorporated into the Constitution of India on the basis of the recommendation of
(A) S.V. Singh Committee
(B) Swaran Singh Committee
(C) C. Hanumantha Rao Committee
(D) None of the above
Ans: (B)

38. In the formal sense, Panchayati Raj was established in Assam in the year
(A) 1961
(B) 1962
(C) 1963
(D) 1964
Ans: (*)

39. The Planning Commission in India was established by
(A) an act of the Parliament
(B) the Constitution of India
(C) resolution of the Central Government
(D) presidential order
Ans: (C)

40. Which of the following methods is not provided by the Citizenship Act, 1955 to acquire Indian citizenship?
(A) By birth
(B) By descent
(C) By registration
(D) By exercising right to vote
Ans: (D)