APPSC Question-Paper |   1016

APPSC Question-Paper

                                            Arunachal Pradesh PSC Medical Test Paper

1. Disease caused by virus :

2. The number of schedules to the Constitution of India :

3. Total elected members of Rajya Sabha:

4. Who waged a war of destruction and plunder against India 17 times between 1000 andl025A.D?
(A)Chingis Khan
(B)Muhammad of Ghori
(C)Muhammad of Ghazni

5. The first council of Buddhist monks was convened at:
(C)Bodh gaya

6. Atacama desert is in :
(B)North Africa

7. Malagasay Republic is an island which is situated in :
(A)Pacific ocean
(B)Atlantic ocean
(C)Indian ocean

8. The European country which first started trade with India was

9. The science of improving crop varieties is called:
(D)Plant - breeding

10. Green revolution refers to :
(A)Maintaining soil fertility
(B)Use of green plants for covering the earth
(C)Development of new crop varieties which helped to overcome hunger
(D)Growing green plants to establish balance of nature

11. Inland Fisheries is referred to :
(A)Culturing fish in fresh water
(B)Trapping and capturing fish
(C)Deep sea fisheries
(D)Extraction of oil from fish

12. High milk yielding varieties of cows are obtained by :
(A)Super ovulation
(B)Artificial insemination
(C)Use of surrogate mothers
(D)All the above

13. A crocodile had just eaten and lamb when a hawk saw the crocodile attacked it and consumed it The hawk is in ecological terms :
(A)a producer
(B)a primary consumer
(C)a secondary consumer
(D)a teritiary consumer

14. Which of the following is a non - renewable resource ?
(D)Wild life

15. Pollution is an undesirable change in physical, chemical and biological properties of :
(D)All the above

16. In a free market economy, prices are determined by the:
(C)Market forces

17. India's National Newspaper | The Hindu" started since :

18. Which country has longest school year in the world?

19. Puducherry is a former...............colony.

20. "The True Democracy is what promotes the welfare of the society" Who said it ?
(A)Sardar Patel
(B)Mahatma Gandhi
(C)Dadabai Naoroji

21. The consumer Rights were first enumerated in the year 1962 in :

22. I.T.C means:
(A)Inter-Transitional Centre
(B)Inter-Trade Centre
(C)Inter-Tropical Convergence
(D)None of these

23. The coniferous forests in India occur between the.height of:
(A)2700 and 4000 mts
(B)1400 and 2000 mts
(C)1500 and 3000 mts
(D)1330 and 2700 mts

24. The International Tourism year:

25.The energy possessed by a body by virtue of its motion is known as :
(A)Kinetic energy
(B)Static energy
(C)Potential energy
(D)None of these

26. Which is oldest of all Vedas?
(A)Sama Veda
(B)Atharva Veda
(C)Yagur Veda
(D)Rig Veda

27. When we pluck the wire of a sitar, the waves produced in the wire are:
(C)sometimes longitudinal and sometimes transverse

28. If a mirror has a focal length of + 15 cm, it is a :
(A)Convex mirror
(B)Concave mirror
(C)Plane mirror
(D)None of these

29. Scurvy is a deficiency disease caused by lack of :
(A)Vitamin A
(B)Vitamin B
(C)Vitamin C
(D)Vitamin B2

30. The first person to see a cell under the microscope was :
(B)T. Schwann
(C)Robert Hook
(D)A.V. Leenuwenhock