APPSC Question-Paper |   834

APPSC Question-Paper

       Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) Previous Year Exam Paper

1. Which of the following does not constitute a part of the Shad-Darshanas (i.e., six orthodox schools of ancient Hindu philosophy) ?
1) Sankhya 
2) Yoga 
3) Smriti 
4) Nyaya

2. The city of Harappa , where the ancient Harappan civilization flourished, is located on the banks of the river
1) Jhelum 
2) Chenab 
3) Indus 
4) Ravi

3. The British government conducted the first trial of the INA prisoners in the Red Fort, Delhi in November 1945. Who of the following was not in the dock at the trial ?
1) P. K. Sehgal 
2) Shahnawaz Khan
3) Gurubaksh Singh Dhillon
4) Ras Behari Bose 

4. The Governor-General of India, who proposed shifting the Indian capital from Calcutta to Delhi, was
1) Lord Hardinge - II 
2) Lord Curzon
3) Lord Dufferin 
4) Lansdowne

5. Three states which had not acceeded to India by 15 August, 1947 were ruled by Princes,whose own religion was different from that of the majority of their subjects. Identify the odd one :
1) Junagadh 
2) Kashmir
3) Bhopal 
4) Hyderabad

6. Who of the following was the last king of the Qutub Shahi dynasty of Golkonda ?
1) Abdullah Qutub Shah
2) Ibrahim Qutub Shah
3) Abul Hasan Tanisha
4) Mohammad Quli Qutub Shah

7. Identify the odd one :
1) Saluva 
2) Sangama
3) Tuluva 
4) Vishnukundin

8. Who served as the Homo Minister in the Interim government headed by Jawaharlal Nehru in 1946 ?
1) Mohammad Ali Jinnah
2) Sardar Vallabhabhai Patel
3) Liaqat Ali Khan 
4) Kamaraj Nadar

9. Under whose leadership were branches of the Home Rule Movement started in Andhra Pradesh ?
1) Konda Venkatappaiah
2) Kompelle Krishna Rao
3) Kakani Venkataratnam
4) Gadicherla Harisarvotham Rao

10. Which of the following seas is reported recently to be dying because of drying ?
1) Caspian Sea 
2) Red Sea
3) Dead Sea 
4) South China Sea

11. On the report of the UN Environment Programme, the Government of India has launched a study to determine the extent of responsibility of countries for the occurrence of the "Asian Brown Cloud - (ABC)". Where is the ABC formed ?
1) Over Sourth Asia
2) Over South - East Asia
3) Over India's Southern peninsula
4) Over the Central Asian region

12. The mountain range lying between the Pamir plateau and the Indus river is
1) Daulagiri 
2) Nangaparbat
3) Purvanchal 
4) Karakoram

13. Which of the following countries has common borders with the largest number of countries?
1) Russia 
2) France
3) Kenya 
4) Zimbabwe

14. Which of the following states has the Great Indian Hornbill, which is considered an endangered species, as its 'State bird' ?
1) Meghalaya 
2) Arunachal Pradesh
3) Nagaland 
4) Manipur

15. What is Pyrodoxin ?
1) Vitamin A 
2) Vitamin C
3) Vitamin B6 
4) Vitamin B2

16. With what is non-stick kitchenware coated?
1) Graphite 
2) Silicon 
3) Glass 
4) Teflon

17. Among mosquitoes, which of the following are blood -feeders, found throughout the world ?
1) Culex and Anopheles
2) Anopheles and Aedes
3) Aedes and Culex
4) Culex, Anopheles and Aedes

18. Which of the following creatures are stone -deaf ?
1) Snakes 
2) Lizards 
3) Parrots 
4) Ants

19. The fingerprints of Siamese twins are
1) identical 
2) not identical
3) identical more often 
4) identical less often

20. Though their diet is higher in meat and fat and lower in fruit and vegetables, who of the following are known to be free from heart diseases like heart-attacks, unlike others in the world ?
1) Eskimos 
2) Pigmies 
3) Nagas 
4) Tartars

21. Which of the following is contagious ?
1) Snoring 
2) Gnashing
3) Yawning 
4) Vomiting

22. If we make a table-fan rotate at a speed of 50rpm and place it under an electric lamp, it would appear to be
1) stationary
2) rotating slowly forwards
3) rotating slowly backwards
4) rotating slowly, both forwards and backwards 

23. Where is the Black Box fitted in planes ?
1) In the cockpit 
2) In the tail - end
3) In the left wing 
4) In the right wing

24.After parboiling, the nutritive value of rice
1) increases 
2) decreases
3) neither increases nor decreases
4) either increases or decreases

25.Bullet - proof vests are made from a fabric of
1) silicon nitrate and jute
2) thickly mixed cotton and jute
3) nylon
4) copper and steel wires

26.Why do trees shed their leaves in the winter season ?
1) To conserve heat
2) To rest before the summer growth
3) To conserve water
4) To escape being eaten by animals

27.One of the parameters used to gauge the power of a computer is its
1) Bandwidth 
2) Datawidth
3) Lanwidth 
4) Comwidth

28.In which of the following atmospheric conditions can seeds be preserved best ?
1) Cool and dry 
2) Cool and wet
3) Hot and dry 
4) Hot and wet

29.Who of the following are immune to measles?
1) One - year old infants
2) Infants above seven months and below one year in age
3) Children who are more than two years in age
4) Infants below six months in age

30.Ammonia is a compound of
1) Nitrogen and hydrogen
2) Hydrogen and oxygen 
3) Nitrogen and oxygen
4) Nitrogen and sodium hydroxide