APPSC Placement Paper |   656

APPSC Placement Paper

                                     Arunachal Pradesh PSC Model Test Paper

1. The last Governor General of Free India :
(A)Dr. Rajendra Prasad
(B)Mount Batton
(C)Raja Gopalachari

2. 'Big Ben' is related to :

3. The Comptroller and Auditor General is appointed by:
(A)Supreme Court
(B)Election Commission
(D)President of India

4. A western port:

5. 'Go to Vedas' was made by:
(A)Swami Vivekananda
(B)Swami Dayananda Saraswathi
(C)Ramakrishna Paramahamsa
(D)None of these

6. The first Indian went into the space :
(A)Kalpna Chawla
(B)R.D. Katari
(C)Yuri Gagarin

7. 'Sudden death' is related

8. In a rainbow which colour comes between orange and green:

9. 'Government Business' is referred to :
(A)Assembly Session
(B)Civil Administration
(C)Daily affairs of Government
(D)None of these

10. 'Taj Mahal at Agra is in danger* News report this is due to pollution. The main cause for the pollution is :
(D)Sulphur di oxide

11. Permissible noise level at day and night in residential area :

12. Which is not related to Education?

13. Chairman of the Planning Commission of India :
(B)Prime Minister
(D)Finance Minister

14. 'Road to Mecca' was written by:
(A)Mohammed Pickthale
(B)Mohammed Assad
(D)Ameer Khusru

15. Which is famous for textiles?

16. Ellora caves are situated in :

17. Phosphorus is kept in :
(A)Cold water

18. Which is not related to fundamental rights?
(A)Right to work 
(B)The Writ of Habeas Corpus
(C)The Writ of Mandamus
(D)The Writ of Quowarranto

19. Which is not related with stock exchange?

20. 'Mega Bytes' is the unit for measuring:
(A)Purity of weather
(B)Memory capacity of a computer
(C)Intensity of earthquakes

21. 'Quit India Movement' was started in :

22. The Capital of United Arab Emirates (UAE):
(B)Rasal Khaima

23. The UN day is observed on :
(A)24th October
(B)24th September
(C)10th December
(D)1st May

24. Goitre is the result of deficiency of :
(A)Vitamin P
(B)Inorganic Acid
(D)Vitamin K

25. Manifesto is published by :
(C)Home Ministry
(D)Political parties

26. Modern Olympic started by:
(B)Here de Coubertin

27. The word 'Budget' comes from 'BOUGHETTE' it relates :

28. The first successful heart transplant operation in India was done by :
(A)Dr. Padmavati
(B)Dr. Caroli
(C)Dr. Venugopal
(D)Dr. Modi

29. Mount Everest situated in :

30. The Author of 'The God of Small Things':
(A)Anita Desai
(B)Arundhati Roy
(C)Mulk Raj Anand
(D)Taslima Nasreen

31. There is a Union Territory in India its four districts are situated in the four states. What is it?
(D)None of these

32. The religion which has not holy scripts :

33. The planet that takes 84 years to rotate the sun. What is it?

34. 73rd Indian Constitutional Amendment was proposed to:
(A)Panchayat Raj
(B)Anti Defection
(C)Increase the Elective strength of Loksabha
(D)Reservation of SC/ST

35. Example for direct democracy :
(C)Legislative Council
(D)Grama Sabha