Amazon Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Keveena in Banglore updated on Dec 2021
Amazon Candidate-Experiences new pattern placement papers |   68895

Amazon Candidate-Experiences new pattern placement papers

Amazon new latest placement papers questions and campus drive procedure 2014-2015


Amazon this years new and latest off and on campus recruitment procedure...Here Iam sharing my interview experience in my college Amazon conducts recruitments. Around 220 students were participated in Amazon placements.. Amazon this placement paper questions to refer and learn your upcoming amazon  recruitment 

Amazon placement procedure first section: Amazon on line examination
Aptitude and reasoning 20 questions ... topics are basic permutation combination, probability ,C questions 
Amazon on line coding questions 2 p rint the left view of a binary trees I forgot other questions After on line exam amazons placement procedure next section

Amazon Face to Face interview technical interview
In this section questions related to binary tree with nodes having garbage values is given and an array is given.. 
A skeleton of a binary tree with nodes having garbage values is given and an array is given. Had to fill up the binary tree skeleton with the values in array such that the resulting tree is a BST.
Solution: sort the array, enter the values in an in-order fashion (A long discussion on which sorting algorithm is the best and why? We ended up discussing how merge sort can be optimized, just “optimized”, not like reducing the order of time or space complexity). Then told me to write the merge-sort function for the discussed solution for merge-sort such that say I am a developer, I can’t test on a machine, and this class will be used by a million number of users.

Amazon second section interview face to face interview 

2nd Face to face:
Was asked 4 questions: Print all string permutation (String might have repeated characters).
Least distance between two values in a very big binary tree (Binary tree may contain same value in many nodes).

1 7
4 3 8 2

{Least distance is 3 between 1 and 2 (not 5). }

Vertically print the value in a binary tree. Like in the previous example:
4, 7
5, 3, 8
Next, I was asked to design an efficient data structure for two lifts in a building of n floors.

Amzon interview Round 3 Face to face:
Had to find maximum profit in an array of stocks prices for consecutive days in two cases, one I can sell and buy any number of times I want, second, I can only buy and sell one time.
Another question was to define a function “inorder_it(Node A, Node root)” which will return the next node in a binary tree to a particular node A. Was asked to write code for both of them.

amazon last section was telephonic interview and hr interview
Mainly normal HR questions
About projects, internships 
All the best everyone.
And yes, I got through along with 5 other mates from my college.

Thank you guys Im sure this will help you for amazon  company campus recruitment preparation At alst only 11 were selected in amazon