Allahabad-Bank Interview Questions Contributed by Sumin updated on Jan 2021

                                                 Allahabad Bank Interview Questions

1. Introduce yourself

2. Why do u want to work in a bank?

3. Whar are your achievements?

4. What are your negative traits or weakness?

5. What appeals to you most about banking & joining bank? 

6. What is repo rate?

7. What is meant by DSS?

8. What is ROI?

9. How bank will earn profit? 

10. Difference between bank and financial institution?

11. Why do you choose banking in your career?

12. Please explain the function of SEBI?

13. What is a demat account ? which one is best?

14. What is the difference between public and private bank?

15. Why do you want to be the part of Barclays?

16. Why would you like to change career from technical field to Banking field?

17. How long will it take for you to make a significant contribution?

18. what are the responsibilities of your current or previous position?

19. What is your most significant accomplishment?

20. Are you willing to relocate?

21. What was the last book you read?

22. What leadership roles have you held?