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Air-India Paper

                                                 Air India Solved Placement Paper

1. The output of OR gate is 1 when?
(a) if either input is zero
(b) if both inputs are zero
(c) if either or both inputs are 1
(d) only if both inputs are I

2. Line spectrum is obtained from the?
(a) Sun
(b) Filament of the bulb
(c) Mercury lamp
(d) Burning coal

3. A moving charge produces:
(a) neither electric field nor magnetic field
(b) electro-static field only
(c) magnetic field only
(d) both magnetic and electro-static fields

4. In semiconductors at a room temperature
(a) the conduction band is completely empty
(b) the valence band is partially empty and the conduction band is partially filled
(c) the valence band is completely filled and the conduction band is partially filled
(d) the valence band is completely filled

5. Light year is a unit of
(a) time
(b) distance
(c) velocity
(d) acceleration

6. It is easier to draw up wooden block along an inclined plane than bang it up vertically principally because:
(a) the friction is reduced
(b) only a part of the weight has to be overcome
(c) the mass becomes smaller
(d) g becomes smaller

7. If a piece of ice floating on the surface of water in a beaker melts completely, the level of water
(a) rises
(b) remains the same
(c) falls
(d) initially rises and then falls

8. A Kelvin thermometer and a Fahrenheit thermometer used to record temperature of melting metal, read the same. What will a celcius thermometer read at that temperature?
(a) 301.25°
(b) 273°
(c) 457°
(d) 760°

9. A hydrogen-filled balloon expands as it rises and may even burst after rising very high in the atmosphere. This happens because:
(a) the temperature increases with height
(b) the temperature decreases with height
(c) the atmospheric pressure increases with height
(d) the atmospheric pressure decreases with height

10. if two substances of equal volumes but of different densities are dropped from the same height simultaneously, then
(a) the body of lower density will reach the earth earlier
(b) both the bodies will reach the earth simultaneously
(c) The body of higher density will reach earlier
(d) It depends upon the place

11. When the bob of a pendulum is at the mean position (minimum displacement) of its motion,its total energy is:
(a) all potential
(b) zero
(c) all kinetic
(d) partly kinetic partly potential

12. A red and a green pencil are taken in a room illuminated with green light. In the room:
(a) both pencils will appear dark
(b) pencils will appear as red and green respectively
(c) red pencil.will appear dark and green pencil as green
(d) red pencil will appear red and green pencil dark

13. The consumption of electrical energy in the household is measured in terms of:
(a) Kilowatt hour
(b) Kilowatts
(c) Joules
(d) Kilo Joules

14. A magnet is placed in earth’s magnetic field with north pole of the magnet pointing north. At the neutral point:
(a) the earth’s magnetic field is zero
(b) the magnet’s magnetic field is zero
(c) the fields of the magnet and the earth are equal and in the same direction
(d) the fields of the magnet and the earth are equal and opposite

15. Sudden fall of a barometer reading indicates:
(a) storm
(b) dry weather
(c) fine weather
(d) cold weather

16. If a ball and a rectangular block of different metal when completely immersed in a liquid,have the same loss of weight, then
(a) ball and rectangular block have same density
(b) ball and rectangular block have Weight in air
(c) ball and rectangular block have same volume
(d) ball and rectangular block have immersed to the same depth

17. If the period of oscillation of a simple pendulum is 4 seconds and we want to convert it into a second pendulum, then we have to:
(a) make the length of the pendulum one fourth of the previous length
(b) double the length of the pendulum
(c) make the length of the pendulum half of the previous length
(d) double the mass of the bob

18. The escape velocity of a body from the earth depends upon:
(a) mass of the body
(b) radius of the earth as well as the value of g
(c) the radius of the earth only
(d) volume of the body

19. A cyclist taking a turn bends inside because:
(a) he feels pleasure in doing so
(b) he increases speed in doing so
(c) he obtains necessary Centripetal force
(d) he avoids accidents

20. If the surface of water in a lake is just going to freeze, then the temperature of water at the bottom is
(a) 0°C
(b) 4°C
(c) 3°C
(d) none of these

21. The tangent law is applicable only when:
(a) there are at least two magnetic fields
(b) there two uniform magnetic fields mutually perpendicular to each other
(c) one strong magnetic field and the other weak magnetic field
(d) in the present magnetic fields one should be horizontal component of the earth’s magnetic field

22. A moving coil galvanometer is converted into an ammeter by putting:
(a) a high resistance in parallel
(b) a low resistance in series
(c) a low resistance in parallel
(d) a high resistance in series

23. Lenz’s law is derived from the law of conservation of:
(b) energy
(d) magnetism

24. On which one of the factors does the sensivity of a galvanometer depend?
(a) number of the turns of the coil
(b) the temperature of the room
(c) the current flowing in it
(d) the potential difference between the two ends.

25. A depletion layer consists of?
(b) protons
(c)mobile ions
(d) immobile ions