American Intenational Group Whole-Testpaper Contributed by Nikhil Roy updated on Nov 2021
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AIG Selection Procedure

AIG (American International Group) company has 4 rounds that yu have to face as:
3.Tech. Interview
4.HR Interview

All first 3 are the elimination rounds and final interview is just a formality.
AIG written test
Time Limit:1 hour
No of questions-60
AIG aptitude test

Aptitude had three sections
a)Quantitative aptitude-30 questions
Probablity,time nd distance,volume,are average etc..... Rfer rs agarwals book

b)Reasoning as usual normal reasoning topics number series,coding and decoding,etc...

c)English-sentence correction, fill in the blanks,antonymns,synonymns,etc -20 questions

AIG technical test-basic concepts c,c++ and output programmes-10 questions
2 AIG group discussion (GD)
All students divided in inthe batches if 10 students They had the usual GD topics 
Impact of movies on youth in india, 
Metro Vs. Non-metro cities, 
Hollywood Vs. Bollywood,
Mobile phones in collg should be banned or not, 
MNCs in india, 
GD should be conducted or not, etc

3.Technical interview
Tech interview it is bit easy for the non CS and IT students as they only ask the concepts of C/C++ and any other subjects if u specify. For CS and IT they ask on JAVA,Linked List,SQL,DBMS,RDBMS,Data Structures etc.
If you are not specifying any subjects of interest then he wil ask ur core subjects so better specify some subject of ur interest and at which you find urself easy. Otherwise if he asks you the core subjects
Now the next round is then pray to god and ask for mercy.
4. If u are in final HR round
They asked simple and all the general HR ques.

These are all previous years selection process Prepare well for the tests, Refer RS agrawal book for quant and reasoning
Be confident in all section and interviews concentrate your core subjects