Adobe Systems Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Akash Singla updated on Oct 2021
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 I am Akash Singla, I got lot of queries about the kind of questions asked in Adobe test.
I am trying to tell you as  much as i remember.
There were four section:
1. Aptitude: They had fairly simple arithmatic question, questions on geometry and questions like whether information can be deduced from the comments given. It was fairly easy and jst u need to have basic clear.
2. Analytical: Questions like pattern matching, odd one out were there.
Be careful while attempting these two sections that u wont be having much time. Before u know the time is over.
3. Computers: This paper is mostly from the topics u cover in B.Tech.
there was one question on finite automata,Bit manipultaion(flipping the bits),
drawing the tree given preorder and inorder traversal, finding the formula for N-ary tree to fine number of external nodes. 
4. C/Java: Here u had to write C programs(Mind u no mutiple questions).There was one question to write program to search a string from bigger string, write  a algorithm to compute X^n which is of complextity log n, implement atoi function.(U cannot use any standard function in these.)
Hope this help u in cracking Adobe.
(Paper Submitted By : Akash Singla)