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Hello Friends, 
I'm Kunal Sharma, a final year student of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Arya College Of Engg. & I.T., Jaipur. I am here to brief my experience at the whole drive. I am very much thankful to the Almighty, my parents and friends who were there to give me moral support.
At the place of selection, initially around 500 candidates from 3 colleges appeared for the aptitude test and only 67 candidates were shortlisted for the second round of HR interview which was followed by the final.
Technical interview.
In the end, 57 students were selected in Accenture.
1) Aptitude: 55 questions in 60 mins.
Test was quite easy. 20 questions for English- 2 paragraphs with 5 questions each and other 10 questions on articles, fill in the blanks and synonyms. If you are comfortable with English language, then you can do well in this section.
20 Logical reasoning -2 cases were there. Questions on statement and conclusions, questions on venn diagram etc. You don't need to practice it from anywhere. it goes automatically with common sense and presence of mind.
15 Analytical questions which is the most easy and scoring part of the whole exam. Questions like if # is to add, $ is to divide, @ is to multiply etc. Attempt this section at 1st  than go for others. Questions on sequences and words sequence etc. Well friends you don't have 2 prepare hard for the paper. You just have 2 concentrate and use common logic to find the answers and should also have knowledge of basic grammar and English. Many were simple calculations. Also you can prepare from R.S Aggarwal  for logical part and wren and martin for English if you are not very comfortable with the language.
After this they gave a topic on which we had 2 write an essay in 5 mins. Our topic was "Impact of Reservation in India".
Maintain your speed from the very beginning. Do not stick to a question for more than a minute or else you would end up not attempting the answers you know. At the first go, attempt those questions whose answers you are able to find directly without solving. Then move to those questions which has to be solved.
Keep marking in the OMR sheet side by side or you won't find enough time at last to fill all the circles at one go.

Attempt all the questions as there is no negative marking. Once you clear the aptitude round, your chances to get through are 90%.

2) HR Interview:
This was totally luck based round. Remember always give your answers with confidence and  try to find the answer if you don't know exactly. Maintain an eye contact with the interviewer and confidently give the answers. Dress up smartly and invest for the d-day.
Some important questions are:
* What do you know about Accenture {Be prepared as it is very common questions, go through company's website and listen to the presentation of the company carefully}
* Are you ready 2 relocate?
* Tell me your preferred locations (3 out of 5- 6). Don't tell them any specific locations, instead tell them you are ready to work anywhere.
*She asked for terms and conditions like willing to work in shift and many others. I said yes to all.
* Do you want 2 ask in questions?
Then she thanked me and asked me to wait outside. The result of HR round was announced immidiately and I was taken for the technical interview.

3) Technical Interview:
This was only a formality round (Very short conversation). Those Who got through HR also got finally selected.
Prepare very basic C & C++. Go through you minor project very well. Ensure you have proper knowledge of your summer training. You should have command in at least one subject of engineering.
Being confident is the key to crack.

The final result was announced on the same day at around 5:30 p.m. and subsequently offer letters were issued hand-to-hand.
All the best!
For any queries you can contact me on mailtokunalsharma@gmail.com.
I would be happy to answer your queries.
See you in Accenture.