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ACCENTURE Sample Test Paper

Total Test Paper : 20th July 2007 @ F/O Engg. & Tech. Jamia Millia Islamia

Well on 20th July 2007 Accenture visited our college for campus placement..... As before the test i did lots of search work to get an idea for exam, i hope my experience will be useful for you all my friends.... I am a student of F/O Engg. & Tech. Jamia Millia Islamia I and I belong to Electrical branch.

Here is the selection procedure....
I. Written Test 60 Mins.
II. GD 10-15 Mins.
III. 1st HR 10-15 Mins /depends.
IV. 2nd HR 30-40 Mins /depends.

Total students appear for Written =round about 250
Written test cleared by =96
GD cleared = 52
1st HR = around 35
2nd Hr = 28
finally selected = 28
This was the whole format of exam... Preparation for test:

Written Test Consist of 55 question to be answer in 1 Hrs. & a short ESSAY on a given topic. Students were selected on the merit basis. I’ll say the test was very easy... If u have gone through R.S aggarwa, both verbal, nonverbal and quantitative... then its really very easy to crack the test...

Written Test consist of Three Section:
1) Verbal 20 Questions
2) Aptitude 20 Questions
3) Analytical 15 Questions

This section consisted of simple English question, Just read with concentration and u will get the answer soon though the options sometimes confuse but don't worry...
4-5 Ques. are like fill in blanks type, 3 ques. includes synonyms... There are sentences in which one word is in italics and u have to choose the right option for synonyms or antonyms.
2-3 ques. on Articles like:__ essay, which was later chosen as __ best, was written by __ student who used to be quiet in the class.
Ans: The, the, the
(These type of questions were quite easy and there were 1-2 questions that had only 1 blank as well). Then there were two passages given.1st one was very easy. Direct answers were given in passage. U need not to read the whole passage. just read the ques. 1st and then answer it.
2nd one was quite tuff. But never mind each one felt the same…

Prepare from R.S .Agarwal Quantitative aptitude book. Important topics: Venn diagram based problems, data sufficiency problems, directions, relations etc. Quite easy section simple ques. based on venn diagrams like:
1. there are 200 students in a class. 100 speak hindi. 150 speak english.how many speak both hindi and english.
Ans:: There is a particular way of solving such ques.U can do it using venn diagrams very easily. Here adding 100 and 150 and then subtracting 200, We will get the common students..
i.e 100+150- 200 =50 is the ans
There were many questions of this type and very very easy to do..Some ques. based on blood relations; Some based on direction sensing; Some based on comparison....
One ques. i remember like.....* = +, + = -, - = / and / = *. then solve the equation 3*5-12+10-9/3 something like this...

One more ques. If 1 is written as $, and 0 is written as *. Then answer the following:
Its a binary to Decimal convention ques. U need to practice in converting 8 bit binary no. into decimal very quickly.
(e.g. 4 is written as $** and 3 is written as $$)
There were almost 5-6 ques. of such type and I'll say they were really easy.....

Analytical is very easy and will save your maximum time.... Ques are like..

1.Mark the answers according to the following:
A- If all the three options match
B- If FIRST and SECOND options match
C- If FIRST and THIRD options match
D- If none of the three match

Ans: C
2.Another example:
1896.5738491023 1896.5783491023 1896.5738461023
Ans: D

And there were ques which i don't remember right now.....Important things to be remembered: Most of the questions were easy; all you need is time management and accuracy.Try to attempt the paper in two passes.
In the first pass, solve the ques. U are able to and leave others for the last mins. Then start the paper again to do the remaining questions. Doing this you may find that you have attempted 35-38 questions in half the time (in 30-33 mins).
So don’t feel low because paper is very easy!!! And paper get repeated....
after the test was over they gave us an essay topic which was


After this procedure we all went to the Auditorium for the presentation by panel.( presentation was very interesting as their were 2-3 video in that... and it is very important as for the interview's point.)
Results were announced after presentation..
.I cleared the test and got my name in 2nd group for GD... 
Cutoff was high because test was easy...

96 students cleared the test and were divided into 8 batches for GD. Each batch had 12 students in it...Mine was the second batch..
As i heard that the GD is the main elimination round in ACCENTURE

so i was quite scared and was very nervous coz its mine very first GD. In my batch 7 were selected and rejected were those who didn’t say anything in the discussion. Mainly current affairs were discussed like:
About the blue line buses in delhi, foreign coach for india or not, privatization should be allowed in india or not??? GD should be their or not in selection procedure, etc, etc,.Where as mine topic was:

Should advertising be ban for indian cricketers or not, Bingooo i love to talk about cricket and cricketers, I initiate the GD, coz some one told me that "Hashim koi bhi Topic ho, kaisa bhi Topic ho, initial tum hi karna..."And i did the same.... That was my first GD and i was behaving like, i m the master of GD... (Don't remain dumb. Just say something even if u think u r wrong. But do SPEAK. DON'T REMAIN SILENT THERE..,)

When GD was over, Jyotika Mam askd me to give the conclusion. And when i heard my name for conclusion i was sure that I’ll clear the this round. After GDs were over about 50 were selected for the first HR interview round.

My Interviews:
I had to give two interviews first HR, and second HR cum technical.

(III) 1st HR Interview
My HR was as under..... He was a gentle man named VIRAT. Well 1st HR was very simple as they were asking only few ques like....

Q::1. Tell me about your family background.
A::1. My father name is Mohd.Aslam, he is a business man, my mother name is Zuleikha Begum, she is a house wife and so on....
Q::2. How much you know in computer??(Computer Proficiency)
A::2. Well i know operating systems : Win 98/XP/Vista, Ms-Dos, software like photoshop, coreldraw, pagemaker, flash, dreamweaver, MS Office, video editing, photo mixing, Languages like C, C++.

Then he said, "You know only basis of these softwares or you have good command on these." And i said, "Sir i can design any thing and can perform any task related with these software.

Q::3. Why Accenture?
A::3. (I was well prepared for this ques. too. Because my branch is electrical and i was in front of Accenture panel)

I said, "When i born, i was not an electrical engineer. From the beginning i am learning day by day, first my mother taught me, then my class teacher, my professors and still i am learning. If I'll get selected in Accenture then its a challenge for me to do some thing new and i would love to accept this challenge....As i know carrier in Accenture means a lot...

It will give me very good beginning...Not just the post but also other things like stability, security and learning...(In my mind i was thinking its enough for his satisfaction) and last but not the least...

Q::4. If you have any ques then you can ask...
A::4. I asked him about the job profile and the latest project on which Accenture is working now adays. He told me about the job profile as well as about he the latest projects.

Then i said, " Sir can i ask one more ques.?" He said, "ya sure!" And i asked him a ques. related to myself.
He answered me very well...I said, "ok that’s all i want to know thank you sir." Before leaving the room i offered him to shake hand.
While shaking He said, "Congratulation HASHIM!!! You are selected for the 2nd HR interview." I said, "Thank you so much sir"

(IV) 2nd HR cum technical Interview
This round is very easy to cleared because there are very few eliminations in this round. Really very few…In our case only 7 were rejected after this round.
Few questions were same as before but this time interviewer was really very very very very cool named RENU METTHEW.
He asked me to take my seat, and then.....

Q::1. Tell me about your self.
A::1. I am Mohammad.Hashim Raza, i have done my schooling from my hometown Orai. After completing my 10 & 12 i shifted to Kanpur where i prepared for entrance exams. I got 202 rank in UPTU, I got selected in AIEEE and JMI. And finally took admission in Jamia Millia Islamia. Right now i m in B.Tech(Elec.)final year. (Then i told him about my parents, about my friends.) My hobbies are sketching, playing snooker...
Then he interrupt me and asked me to sketch something for him... And with in 1 min i sketch one cool 7Up character.
(That was really good sketch)

Q::2. Who is your role model?
A::2. (I was not prepared for this one actually) I said, " My Grand Father"
He said," Grand father? Why so, how you relate yourself to your grand father" I said, " My grand father used to manufacture fireworks, and he didn't took any kind of training. He used to work in a workshop at the age of 10. And he learn how to make and manufacture just by seeing. Then i told him about my skills. (Computer Proficiency) I said, “Sir i know these software and i can do any task related to these software. And i have learned all these by myself. Just by seeing.

Q::3. What is Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Abstraction, Inheritance some basics definations...
A::3. I was all prepared of them with examples... And i defined them as good as i can.
Q::4. Your computer knowledge is good, what about yours branch subject?
A::4. I said, " Sir you can ask any thing related with Machine, Power system,

Measurement, Drives, or any subject from my branch. But my favorite subject is power system. ( In my mind i was thinking that, its too much Hashim. Tumhe sirf ek subject hi bolna chaiye tha)But that was mine day...
He didn't ask any question from my subject, and said, " Ooh, it mean you are also good in your core subjects too" And i replied, "Yaw, actually i grasp each and every thing what ever my teacher taught me. As i m a good learner, i love to learn new things and to implement them.

Q::5. What do you do i your free time?
A::5. Designing in computer.
Q::6. What types of designing?
A::6. Sir i am a member of Designing and Publication Community of CSI, and also one of the designer for the annual magazine of my college. Recently i have designed the cover page of Fiction'07.
Q::7. Have you ever done any thing in a team?
A::7. Recently i have done my minor project in a team of 4 members.
Q::8. Tell me about you project.
A::8. I explained my project very well. Its on "Object Oriented Load Flow Methodology"
Q::9. For job prefrence location, you have selected Delhi. Why? Is their any problem in relocating?
A::9. I have to tick on any one thats why i have selected delhi, but i can go anywhere you shift me, and i have a passport, so i can go abroad also.

Then he asked me two very very interesting questions.......
Q::10. At the time of presentation, i saw you were sleeping their in the Audi... Why?
A::10. Sir actually i had a viral fewer last night, and today morning i have to come here for the placement. After the written test i was a bit tired and thats i was relaxing in the Audi, but i have noted each and every important point about the company and when you were telling about the compensation and package i was sleeping.
Then he laughed and said, “That’s strange, like other students were waiting for those slides and you were sleeping at that time. And i replied, " Money i not every thing for my, but a big company's name does matter for me. If i got placed then I'll do my best for your company with all my technical skills.
Last but not the least......

Q::11. I have noticed one thing, you were using hair band at the time of presentation. So can i say that you are the coolest dude of this college?
A::11. Yaw you can say that, but the reason behind that hair band was something else...I had been facing some allergic pimples over my forehead so i had, had put up some antiseptic cream at that time.

Then he said, " But it suits on you, you were looking cool.
Thank you HASHIM!!!