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Hiiiii friends,

I got placed in accenture on 12th july . we had a on campus interview at our college GNITS hyderabad.i want to share my experience with all the accenture aspirants………Here how the procedure went on…They were correctly on time eactly 8:30 and we had a preplacement talk…..reallygood one it was very interactive and at last we had quiz on the ppt …..people who answered the questions got a beautiful pen…..Then we were alloted rooms for the exam and the merittrac people conducted the exam…….

There were four rounds…

3.Technical and Hr round

The aptitude test was quit easy but time management is very important……not typical quant questins but simple ones…
English was easy with jus articles, prepositions ….
Venn diagrams,*--0and $--1 then wat does 48 represent….questins like this
Then if  /is *,*is -,+is – then evaluate some expressions…….
Time was 1 hour we had 55 questions…….we do not know the cut off probably 30-35.
Within 1 hour we had an essay also..our topic was “EXPECTATIONS FROM UR FIRST JOB”.
Then after 1 hr the results were out…….i got selected

then we were immediately taken to for group discussion round….each group had 14 people….our moderator asked us to suggest the topic…we told “DRESS CODE SHOULD BE THERE OR NOT IN CORPORATE LIFE”.other topics for my frends were “INTERNET”,”IMPACT OF VIOLENCE IN MOVIES ON YOUTH”
we discussed for abt 20 minutes…..out of 14 people 12 got selected….jus put ur views for abt 2 to 3 times …..

3:Technical and HR interview:
about 76 students were selected for these rounds…….We can have tech or hr interview first and I had my HR interview first. It went like this..

HR:intoduced himself and asked “tell me about urself”
Me:told abt family,education,hobbies…….
HR:who is ur roll model and why….
Me:told abt mother teresa..(suddenl I didn’t know wat to say)
HR:do u read newspapers..say me something tat u read these days
Me:told abt 7 wonders ….
HR:can u solve a puzzle
HR:gave me a puzzle of weights
Me:I solved it
HR:do it in other way
Me:tried but couldn’t do
HR:tell me abt school life
Me:I said it was very exiting life and memorable….
 HR:do  u have any gaps in education
Me: noo
HR:abt relocation

He was so friendly and said ok u have one more round of tech and then I wil lwt u know the result……I was happy that it went on fine…Then after 1hr about at 5:00 I had my tech interview….he was the senior manager as he told us in the ppt morning….i was tensed but attended it coolyyyy

 Here no general ques like tell me abt urself but started off like ….So u r from final year ..say wat is software engineering……I answered
He then asked wat r the phases and sdlc.i answered well.then I told abt my mini project I h ave done and he asked abt the project,the database used….some queries on sql….types of joinss .i couldn’t answer inner join
He then asked abt compiler used in java..and abt certifications I know for java….
He then shifted to software engineering and asked abt testing
I answered and explained everything clearly….that’s it
I am done with my interview…..i shook hand with him and came out….hoping to win it

Then after abt 2 hr at abt 7:30 they assembled again and were ready with the offer letters and beautiful pen…..finally abt 54 students were selected.i was one of them

They called out the names and handed over the offer letters…..
I was veryyyyyyyyyy happyyyyyyy to hear my name and I was very delighted, Then there was some formality of signing and explained some rules and suggested some

Info abt accenture
That’s it I am into accentureee …..
Believe in god and ALL THE BEST…..
Meet u all at accenture …..