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Hi friends, I attended the campus selections conducted by ACCENTURE where  only few were selected out of thousands of people. Thank God!! i was one of them.

The selection process went on for three days .There were four rounds and each  was an elimination round. Every individual is tested in different areas..

The rounds were :
3)   HR

 The written test had four sections:   
1) VERBAL  (ques 1 - 15)
2) APTITUDE  (ques 16 - 30)
3) ANALYTICAL (ques 31 - 55)

The exam is for one hour. VERBAL   section was very easy, in fact all the sections are very easy.But the only thing we need to care about is the TIME factor. Time  Management is very very important because all the questions were very simple and if u can manage time then u can solve all the 55 questions. No negative marking so answer all the questions. The first three questions were to fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions like along........with..........across .Next were fill in the blanks with articles and options were like (a,an,the)...(an,an,the)...we can easily make out the correct one. Then select the best suitable word for the phrase or italized word in the question.

There were two passages given . One was  on  Process and programs.The other was on LANs WANs and MANs.Both were easy just read them thoroughly and dont waste time here.

In APTITUDE Section the questions were on VennDiagrams, ages , blood relations , data sufficiency , permutations and combinations.

In a class 45 students played game 1, 67 played game 2 , 35 played game 3. 30 played  game 1 and 2,25 played game 2 and 3, 27 played game 1 and 3. Then     
1) how many played game 1 but NOT game 2 and 3?
2)how many played game 2 but NOT game 1 and 3?
3)how many played game 3 but NOT game  1and 2?

concentrate more on data sufficiency.
 The other questions were like if $ is 1 and * is 0 then which of the following represents 276? (just convert 276 into binary any replace 1 with $ and 0 with *)

Few more questions of that type.

The next section is for testing your MENTAL ABILITY.
given  directions : A: all the three are alike
B: first and second are alike
C:first and third are alike
D  All the three are different

question: 157.2344352345          157.2343245345         157.2344352345
answer   :  C
question : aabbcddeff                aabbcdefff                  aabbcdddef
answer: D

Then few conditions were given based on which we have to solve 5 problems.understand the constraints properly.

And questions like  if  + stands for -,* stands for /, - stands for + ,/ stands for * then solve 2*5/3-20*20. Around 5 questions were given on this.Very easy but time taking.

The Last section was to write an essay within 5minutes. The topic was "My College Life" for first batch and "Career in IT "for the second batch.Actually there were too many students so they conducted test batches wise...

Every batch had 13 ppl.The topics were like "amitabh verses azim premji" ,"PINK "(not about color it must be a derived word like p for...,I for..)those who spoke abt color were eliminated.."should mobile phones be banned in college", "cricket issues". "impact of movies" ..

Speak few strong points very fluently and confidently not necessary to take the initiation.

HR Questions:
Tell me about yourself.
Where are you from?
Where do u stay?
Why should i hire you?
Who is your role model?

he asked me many questions on my paper presentations. I answered them all correctly and confidently.....................
we had pre placement talk after the HR round so be prepared..know as much as u can abt accenture before attending the HR.

It was a HR + Technical round. Questions were:
Which language do you like the most and why?
asked me to write few programs in C .
how good are u in programming?
how much do u rate ur self in C?
what is the difference between DBMS and RDBMS?
what is primary key?
what is secondary key? can we use it for referencing tables?
what are the differences between c and java?
what are embedded systems?
U are given 16 secs then how wud u sell urself?
why accenture?
what is a project? how do u explain it?what are the requirements?
he gave few situations and asked how wud u deal that if u are a team leader?
if given a job in tcs,wipro,infosys,accenture then which one do u opt and why?
the last ques : Any questions?

Though there is a tough competition , its quite easy to get thru.Be confident, try to answer as many questions as u can .Few interviewers see the marklist and ask ques from subj in which u scored the highest and few ask from the subj in which u scored the least.So touch all the subjects u have in ur curriculum.In addtion to being technically sound  ,Effective communication skills and ur confidence levels wud fetch u points.. prepare well.

Hope the above helped you ..Be an Accenchurian .Its THE BEST company. u r very lucky if u get thru..see you there......................