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Company - Accenture

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3rd and 4th July 2010

Anna University- Tamilnadu State Level  Programme at Chennai.

Dear Friends,

Its a great pleasure to share my experience with you. Its my dream company..
Accenture conducted  recruitment process through Anna University - TNSLP on 3rd and 4th june 2010

Totally 3197 students are participated.

 4 rounds.   Written, GD, Technical HR and HR

 Written Cleared : 800 +
 GD cleared 400+

 Finally Selected . .  269 students got selected. I'm among one of them...

Selection Procedure: Really  they are so so so nice.  HR's are very very friendly.
1st round:- Written test
 55 qsns in 60 mins, 3 sections:  No -ve mark, and no Sectional cut off mark
    Prepositions, articles and Synonyms
    Reading comprehensions from technical topic like Embedded System, CGI(common gateway interface)

some reasoning questions like   Interview Selection  under some conditions

Replacing problems
1 with $ and 0 with * in binary code.
and  /stands for *, + stands for /, - stands for %  then find the statement which is true among 4  ?
changing the places of alphabets in a word.
ome other reasoning type qsns.
Venn diagram,
Data sufficiency  like  if  1) 2a/3b = 5/6    2) 2A+B=35    then    can we predict the value of A and B?
Rank questions
Some Lift problems  like if a building with Ground + 30 floor has 2 lifts. 1 lift will stops on alternate floor  and another lift stops on every floor then  when they will meet on a floor each other?

2nd round:- GD

Each batch consists of 12 to 15 people.  8 or 9 got selected.

They only checking on Communication skills and Group dynamics.
Speak confidently  but not  over confidently..  don't interrupt others.. 
Be patience until ur chance... if didn't got a chance no problem,  finally  they point out and ask you to speak.
on that time  if yo excel only one good point in confident, then you will be selected.

3rd round:- Technical Interview
asking  About yourself  ?
Easy only... not like first and second round.
Basic C programms like Fibonacci series, prime, palindrome etc...
OS concepts(semaphore, deadlock, Interrupts)  Database concepts,

Be confident.. their approach very decent and motivated  manner only.

Final round:- HR Interview

They asking abt yourself,  family, why accenture, abt accenture,  ur roll model.. very very general only.

So guys i hope this will give atleast a litte bit exposure to you...

See you at accenture... high performance. delivered... All the best