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I got placed in Accenture on the 27th Apr 2006 through campuss.

There were 263 of us who attented the aptitude test @ 13.00 on 27th Apr of which 25 were selected.

Aptitude was very simple. It consisted of 4 parts: Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal, Logical Reasoning and finally Essay writing.

QA consisted of mostly questions involving venn diagrams like:
- 20 people speak french, 25 speak english, total no of people-60,5 spoke neither french nor english...how many spoke both?...similar ones...
- if $ represents * , * represents +, + represents - , find 6$5*6+12...
  Not the same questions..only the pattern is important...

Verbal and logical reasoning were straight forward...consisted of simple synonyms and fill in the passage with articles...very easy ones..

Essay writing...Topic given was: Govt's stand on Reservation Policies
in educational institutions... 

Next round was GD: Topic: Salman Khan's Arrest was it justified...
They mainly see ur communication skills...Make sure u talk something clearly and confidently..

Next round was HR: Questions like Y Accenture..and similar ones were asked...A no. of technical questions from C and C++ were also asked in HR.

Final round was Technical: I was asked to explain about the filestructures project which we had in 5th sem.. Many questions from C ,C++ and Software engg were also asked.(Though we have SE only this sem).. The questions were not screwing..They were direct...They mainly see if ur basics are strong..

After the technical round, we were addressed by the HR team of Accenture who announced the final results.

All the best 2 all of u.. May all of u get the best placements.

(Paper Submitted By : Tara Moorthy)