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Accenture Interview Questions

Accenture is name that of a global management consulting company, which also provides the services like technological and outsourcing services. Accenture also has a good relationship with the international leading companies and the government. It also works with all sizes organizations.The Written test paper is divided into Verbal Ability, Analytical Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude Questions. The number of questions from each of the groups vary from year and year. So, the students have to give equal stress on each and every section. Sometimes negative marking is also there in the paper and candidates are adviced not to attempt those questions on which they are not confident.This is a sample paper of Accenture which gives the candidate an idea about the interview pattern of Accenture.

                                             Accenture Interview Questions

Technical Interview Questions

Questions were of basic concepts of C, C++, OS, Network, Internet technologies and data structure.Prepare your project as well.

1. What was your role in project?

2. What technologies you used in your project and why?

3. Define the functionality of your project?

4. Define SDLC?

5. Define waterfall model? its advantages and disadvantages?

6. What is html 5?

7. What is javascript?

8. Name a server side scripting language?

9. Define os kernal?

10. Name graph traversal methods?

HR Interview Questions

In HR round they judge you based on your communications skills.

1. Introduce yourself?

2. What you have achieved besides your academics?

3. What do you know about Accenture .

4. What are core values of Accenture.

5. According to you which among the core values is most critical for the Accenture’s performance in IT field.

6. HR also ask me about the importance of curricular activities in one’s performance?

7. Sometimes they might ask you some general knowledge questions to check your awareness?