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Accenture Selection-Procedure



  1. 60% agg in 5sems
  2. backlog in 5th sem not allowed.
  3. all branches are invited.

(people wid yr gap in academic career who may be elegible to take the test,even may even b clear 2 rounds ll ultimately b rejected since accenture doesnt allow yr gap)

Let me tell u al d selection procedure. the selection procedure is a 4tier process--



(i) Aptitute Test (Quant+Verbal+Reasoning)

Time Limit-1hr 10mins,no sectional cutoffs, no negative marking, difficulty level-easy, overall cutoff-high, sets of papers distributed-two. 
important topics covered- venn diagrams, symbol based problems, direction problems, word meanings/opposites, prepositions, articles, comprehensions. 

(ii) Essay


Time Limit-15mins, word limit-none, topic- current affairs.

Step 2: Group Discussions.

Time Limit- 15mins max. , importance level- very high, topics- current affairs.

Step 3: HR Interview

Type- Easy but tricky. be careful. memorise every small detail about d company said in ppt.

Step 4: Technical Interview

Type- Easy, a little bit tricky, try to answer smartly, topic-anything under the sun, not jst c and c++.


1. Carry a xerox copy of 5th sem/7th sem (as applicable) mark cardt/provitional marks sheet with u. its a must.
2. Be very thorough regarding company history, profits, revenue etc.
3. Dress smartly, they want smart confident.
4. Improve upon ur english, fluency in english is a must in accenture interview.
5. Be positive, be urself, do not bluff, do not lie, they want want honest engineers,if u r caught lying u ll b shown d door instantly.