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Hello friends!

I got selected in accenture on 5th june 2007, we went through four rounds, written test, GD, technical interview and HR interview. First two were elimination rounds. Written test was neither tough nor easy. There was sectional cut off. Verbal, quanta and LR were main parts.

Around 135 students out of 350 made it to GD. Topic of GDs were very common and easy. But never try to make Fish market. I gave only one entry but my point was listened by all, try to give 1-2 good points. You can easily get selected in GD.

In technical interview they asked about my favourite subject. I said Computer networks, they asked about all layers, their protocols and functions. In DBMS they asked about indexing and its drawbacks. It was easy for me, but some tough que. that they asked from my other candidates:

1. Make linked list program in Java.
2. Make sorting program in Assembly language(microprocessor 8086).etc etc.
Be confident while answering, and try to answer as per your knowledge. Dont dare to bluff...

In HR they asked  basic questions:
1. Tell me about yourself.
2. What is team work.
3. Three points from PPT.
4. What is work culture.
5. Reason of gap in education.
6. One achievement of college life.
7. What would u do as a team leader if team members have disputes.

Be calm n relaxed in HR interview and most important be confident. Finally 47 students got selected and i was one of them! They gave offer letter( and a beautiful pen :-)) at the time of declaration of results.

All the best!!