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congrats! those who r ready to read this experience r going to be selected in accenture}
hi frnds this venkata here i have attended campus drive of accenture at chaitanya engg college . this drive  consists of totally 4 rounds
1) written
2)G D
3)H R

1)Written test:
it is organised by merit trac team and test consists of 55 bits & 1 essay("my college life") total time 60mins for bits and 5mins for essay. In this consits of 3 sections where first is english(20),arthimetic(20),attention ablity(15) in english simple prepostions(4) , articles(3),closest meaning of sentence(3) n 2 passages(10). 1 pass is on os/2 n 2 pass on plm.(i think everyone can do it easily) in aptitude compulosry questions $ * decoding(5),venn diagrams(6),blood relation(1) ,directions signs(1),avgs(1) and alligation & mixture(i think regular practice everybody can do it) in attension ablity check simalarity problems,eligibility 4 cricket team problems(it is easy only presence of mind is required) to cross this obstacle practice previus papers it is enough (generally cutoff will be around 35) totally 380 crossed written out 1500

2)G D
my topic in  gd is "effects of mnc's in india" each panel consists of 14 students good english & good points and expressive can go to next round from our panel 11 students r selected

3) H R
it is the most easiest round to me were it just happ for 3mins they asked
1.tell me abt yourself
2.tell me any 5 clients of accenture (i told i know only 1 ie .., microsoft actually there r totally 2500 clients)
3.r u willing to cont in accenture be natural n confident u will definitely selected for the next round

it is the toughiest round i faced it lasted for 45mins because i am from mca
1.explain your college life(connected to essay what u written)
2.explain system programming
3.explain phases of complier with real time example
4.explain abt normalisaton with eg
5.explain E-R model with diagram
6.e.f.codd's rules
7.some queries on sql
8.diff b/w dbms n rdbms
9.inheritance,polymorphism,virutal fun,abstract class with real eg
10.quesions on file operations
11.ques on lib funs
12.use of extern command
13.diff b/w unix n linux
14.ques on sring operations
16.diff b/w c and cpp and also java

in this i have done some mistakes he mainly checked my approach and confidence
all the best do well show u r confidence levels ..... "u will become accenturain"
totally around 100 students r selected (in this 1/3 r boys remaining girls)