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Hi there...We had campus placement for Accenture in our college on 4th July..

There were 4 rounds.
i) Aptitude test (written)
ii) Group discussion
iii) Technical interview
iv) HR interview

Aptitude test was easy.. I hadn't really prepared very hard for it.. R.S Agarwal verbal and non verbal reasoning should be quite enough.. there were three sections of the paper:

Verbal (quite easy)
Quantitative (a bit difficult.. the time wasn't enough)
Reasoning  (easy again)

Then there was the Group Discussion. the topic we were given was "What should the Indian Government do to attract more people to join the Indian Army". The only condition is that you talk and you talk sense. One sensible point can get you through. Our group had 14 members and 12 were qualified for the second round. In some other groups, 7 were selected and 7 rejected.

Then there was the technical interview.
The person taking the interview was very friendly and warm. I was tensed in the beginning, but later the I felt a bit relaxed.
This was supposed to be a tech interview, but it was more of a tech + HR interview..
Some of the questions he asked were the following:
- Which is your favourite subject? (And then a few questions based on the subject)
- What are your achievements?
- Tell me about yourself and your family.
- Why do want to do this job and why not go for further studies?
- What are your hobbies? (And some questions based on your hobbies.. Like I said reading books.. And he asked me the last book that I've read and asked me a quick review about the book)

Then finally there was the HR interview.. This interview was more like reading the conditions out.. It was very brief..
The questions were:
- Give me your personal profile.. ( Personal profile includes everything about you, your academics, your family, your interests, etc)
- Are you ready to be relocated??
- Are you ready to work for any client, at any place, under any working hours and conditions?
- Are you ready to sign a bond to this effect?
- Do you have any gaps in your education?

One thing, I'd suggest about the interviews is that be truthful and honest and frank. DO NOT bluff or try to be something which you aren't.
The results of each round are announced immediately after the round and the selected candidates move on..
The final results were announced at about 9:00 in the night. (The selection process started at about 9:30 in the morning).
There were 51 people selected from our college, and by God's grace, I was one of them.
Hope this helps you in your preparation for Accenture..