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ACCENTURE Sample Test Paper
Test Pattern : 1st September 2007 @ KIET Gaziabad
 Hi guys this is R .Puneet from iec college of engineering and technology Gr noida. I was among the lucky ones who were selected in accenture on 1st September 07 in kiet gaziabad. Written test was conducted on 19th august . its result was declared on 23rd Around 8200 students were there initially and out of them 1800 were Selected for further stages.414 were finally selected. package is 3,10000(c t c)
It consisted of 3 sections + a essay to be written in 10 minutes after 1 hr of test 1st section was of English . There were 20 ques in this .10 were based on grammer articles ,prepositions,synonyms.ther were two synonyms..”ordinance”& “mitigate” Then there were two comprehensions first one on “operating systems” and the second One on “program and process”. Non CS students don’t get nervous on seeing technical Thing. it was easy if u read it like understanding sth.The answeres were given very clearly in the passage . I m also from EC branch I got all of them right The second section was of quant . There were ques on data sufficiency ,$* ,Venndigram, Blood relation. The third was a very very easy reasoning section No big calculations.
Qs were based on
1) Some cond were given ….find out whether the person is selected, rejected or put on hold 5 Qs on this
2) Identify whether the options are similar to each other
3) +,-,*./ applying bodmas
I think that out of 55 I got 40 right.time management was the only thing to be focused on Otherwise the paper was easy Topic for essay was “IMPACT OF I.T ON INDIA” I wrote a very good essay so please don’t take it lightly .i think that it leaves a good impression From iec college 93 cleared written.
2)Then it was the turn of GD, TECHNICAL AND HR
The topic for gd was “NUCLEAR DEAL”actually we were asked to suggest topic There were 12 canditates in our group .the coordinator was very nice person .first of all He gave 30 sec to each of us for expressing our comments .then the usual discussion. In gd I gave some quality points in the discussions and tried to be precise.if I felt sb Was wrong then I contradicated that person with reasonable facts without pinpointing Him and turning to the group as a whole . I did this 3 times. Gd lasted for 10 minutes Then the result was declared within 2 mints.i was in .4 OUT OF 12 PEOPLE WERE SELECTED IN GD .THIS WAS THE MAIN ELIMINATION ROUND
In technical the Qs asked were
1) u r having two yrs of gap .why ans . I prepared for iit jee
2) so what happened ans. I cleared screening both of the times but wasn’t able to clear the mains because I could,nt clear the cutoff in chemistry as I was weak in it.
3)organic or inorganic ans inorganic
4)tell me sth abt urself
5)what do u understand by IT ans the best examples are banking ,railway and airlines reservation system .enormous amount of data handled and manipulated at the click of a button. It’s the biggest revolution in India up till now
6)what is a semiconductor? Why it is used
7)what is laplace transform ? why it is used these were the only EC qs asked rest was all fom C,C++
8)what software skills do u have. ans c,c++ and a bit of java as well
9)difference b/w c++ and java
10) what is scanf ?
11)define pointers
12)write a program to exchange the value of two variables using pointers
13)what is data structure?
14) what is encapsulation?
15)what is data abstraction?
16)what is polymorphism and how do u implement it
17)what is binary tree?
18)have u heard of vectors ?
19)have u any brother sister ?
 ans .yes younger brother in galgotias college of enngg & tech 3rd yr cs
20)have u participated in extracurricular activts
ans .yes
showed my certificates then he said ok puneet I m done, thankyou. I said nice to meet u sir .he replied “same here “ I knew I was in I answered each and every ques of his. NICE THING ABOUT THEM WAS THAT THEY WERE REALLY MAKING U FEEL COMFORTABLE.MY CONFIDENCE WAS BOOSTED WHEN HE SHOOK HANDS WITH ME AND ASKED ME TO SIT .THE SAME WAS FOR HR AS WELL Result was declared within 2 mints.i was in.there were about 30% eliminations again in this round.
HR was the last round Qs were (very very few were eliminated)
1)same two yr gap qs
ans. same as before
2)whats ur father, mother, bro/sis?
3)who is ur role model? why
Ans. My father.he is a very hard working person .has been working in shifts .Making both of his sons engineer from a pvt college with such high fees Also a very talented mechanical engineer ;senior section engineer in rlys Ask him anything about locomotives and he explains it in such simple terms He replied “QUIET INTRESTING”
4)why accenture?
5)tell me sth which is not on our website?
Ans. I said it has great work culture .my frnd is working in it
6)which other company do u search for? why
ans. infosys because I have heard that its training program is very good
7)do u know how much accenture spends on training ?
ans. sorry sir I don’t have any idea he replied 700 MILLION DOLARS.i acted with surprise
8)now do u want to join accenture or infosys
ans. ofcourse accenture sir
9)tell me one real life project in which u managed a crisis?
10)willing to work in night shifts,willing to be relocated?.. Will be having a background check ;will cooperate?
11)what do u do after college? in holidays?
12)ok puneet I m done thanku the result was declared in 2 mints .my joy knew no bounds when he said to me along with 4 others u all r now a part of accenture.
 This was my 4rth company I was eliminated in iflex hr because of two yrs gap Torry harris I cleared 1st round but couldn’t clear 2nd round as my copy was not checked Infosys I wasn’t able to clear the written.
 So guys just do ur homework well and believe in urself and ur god .u will be selected Never loose hope is the moral of the story. In the end it was and it is and it always Will be………..“HIGH PERFORMANCE. DELIVERED”
see u at accenture