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General - Interview


hi friends.....first of all a big thanks to freshers world bcoz of which i was aware of the test paper pattern in really helped me a lot. first i would like to tell all droppers that though most companies dont try to take droppers but if there is a genuine reason, ur case can be considered equally. but u need to have a good cgpa at btech level and u should be aware of whats happening in outside world.   i am a dropper of more than 2 years and got selected.

Accenture visited our campus on 12th march. all students who were already placed were also allowed to sit in around 500 students participated in the process out of them only 196 were able to clear the written. among these 196, about 110 got selected in gd. she asked us to decide a topic on our own and we decided capital punishment........justified or not... u can see the paper pattern (which is conducted by meritrac) from some other contributers, i will tell u abt my interview. 

first it was a HR round for me.since i was having many was like..........
HR: good afternoon vipin.
ME: good afternoon mam.
HR: ok vipin tell me something abut you.
HR: why r u having these many gaps?
me- answered by which she was impressed(they dont like persons who have the gap bcoj they were preparing to get into iits).
HR: ok what do u know abt accenture?
me- mam i know many things abt accenture like who is the ceo, in how many countries the company is located,how many clients th company has and all those statistics kind of stuff.........always surf net to fin out new things........
HR: so whats new........all these thingswere told to u during presentation and each one who is standing outside knows these things.
me- mam but during the initial phase of the presentation...when sir displayed all the figures on the slide and he asked does anybody know what do these figures represents, i gave 3 answers......(she was highly impressed)
HR: ok why as a mechanical engg. do u want to join accenture?
me- gave the answer with the eg of designing of lift.....each stream has its own part in the succesful completion of a job and mech engg have good analytical power and they find there place everywhere......(impressed and satisfied)
HR: ok. vipin dre u comfortable to relocate?
me- yes mam......since it is my hobby to travel and explore new places.......i have no problem in relocation(by this one of the hobby which was mentioned in the cv was substantiated)
HR: ok u have any questions to ask........
me-  mam since i know many things abt accenture, i will not ask u abt it........but please tell me whether u liked any thing in my cv or in me which was not there in others......
HR: but i didn't told u till now whether u r selected or not..........(impressed with que)
me- than mam if i am selected what was my good point and if i am not ,where i was lacking.......
HR: one thing i liked abt u is that u r not faking urself............u r present as u are in real...........any more ques?
me- no mam.
HR: ok vipin it was nice meeting u.
me- thank u mam.........

and i was selected and in TI round i answered all the ques except one which was not in our course and finally i got selected.........only 76 students were able to make through it and i was the one.............a luck factor also played an imp role..........

thank of luck........will meet u at accenture...........