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Hi Guys,
Accenture visited our college on 9th February, 2011. Around 200 people wrote the test but only 58 cleared it. The test had 55 questions divided into 3 sections verbal, quants and attention to detail and after an hour they'll give a topic and we should write an essay on that. That was for 5 mins. I don't remember the questions but they were quite easy.
Just know the usage of a, an, the etc. RC was a bit difficult cos it was about Sql or something like that and the questions were not direct. They were like which of the following is true. It will consume a lot of time so just jump to quants.
Quants was easy provided you have practice just go through the papers available in its more than enough.
Concentrate on venn diagrams more cos we had some 5 or 6 questions from tat topic and all were easy. I remember 1 or 2
If in a committee of 60, 40 speak English and 20 speak French, 10 Speak both. How many speak only English. answer is 40-10=30. The numbers were different but the pattern was same. Other one is like out of 100, 60 play hockey and 50 play cricket and 20 play both. How many play only hockey all direct.
We also had questions like select 1 if it can be answered with statement 1 alone or 2 alone etc. Easy ones just spend a little time here. Blood relations also were easy so quants was the scoring part.

In attention to detail the typical questions like
Follow the directions given below to answer the questions that follow. Your answer for each question below would be: A, if ALL THREE items given in the question are exactly ALIKE. B, if only the FIRST and SECOND items are exactly ALIKE. C, if only the FIRST and THIRD items are exactly ALIKE. D, if only the SECOND and THIRD items are exactly ALIKE. E, if ALL THREE items are DIFFERENT.

And there were other questions like if * is +,+ is -,- is / and / is * then which of the followin is true..
guys these types of questions will take lot of time cos u have to check each and every option.
If the question is like was is 20/4-2+6*3=? then u can do it in a jiffy...

And in questions requiring deductions  I recommend u guys use tables. We had a question like 3 hotels serve lunch. Hotel-1 serves at 12pm and Biryani as special dish. The Hotel which has biryani as special dish uses Blue dish.
Hotel which Serves Noodles as special dish does not use Black dish.Hotel-2 serves at 1pm
Hotel-3 serves at 2pm and does not use green bowl. The hotel which serves last serves Soup. One of the hotels serve noodles.

If u guys use tables from the lines highlighted all questions can be answered in less than 3 seconds each so just try to draw a table guys!!!

Special Dish
Dish Color



The results were announced around 12 and were asked to wait for interview. They called me for technical round around 4 pm and thde interview was very smooth and the interviewer was very friendly, I'm from EEE background and he asked me about Transformers and I explained and rest was just like two friends speaking. After another 10 min they called me for HR round. The HR was a lady and was very very friendly. Usual questions like tell me about yourself and projects were asked. Guys be honest and Know what you are saying cos they listen to each and every word you say and ask you to explain what you mean by that. If and only if you know about something, mention that word! If you don know you can I don't know they wont say anything.
Those who got selected were asked to go to a room and wait. Those not selected were asked to leave immediately. Finally around 8 they gave the offer letter. It was a great moment. 39 were selected.
So guys prepare well and hope to see you soon in Accenture.
Good luck
I think I have told everything I remember. Any questions pls mail me:
Bharath Kumar.G