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General - Interview

Last june 20th I came to bangalore in search of job,and I got through Accenture on 13th March 2005 .. dont get depressed, if its ur day then everything will come ur way & if its not then everything will go wrong .. dont b afraid of failures..keep trying .. I wrote around 22 written test & I struggled a lot coz I was not having above 70% ( and many companies go for 70+ ) .. I am not writing this to show my greatness .. I am writing this coz, mails like this gave me huge amount of inspiration while I was hunting for job.. So all the best for those who are still hunting for job .. may God bless u all..
HR Interview
Tell me about ur academics..
Tell me about ur family background..
What u are doing now..
Why  bglore..
What kind of music do u prefer..
Ur recent favourite song..
Who is ur favourite singer..
Strength..with example..
Weakness..with examples and how u can improve on this..
What is ur greatest achievement in life..
Which is ur favourite pgmng language..
Rate urself in C..
Briefly describe ur main project..
Software development life cycle..explain each phase..
Who is ur role model..why..
Where do u c urself after 2 years..
What is ur goal in life??what if company's goal is different from ur goals..
Why should i hire you..
Any questions..
Technical Interview
tell me about ur academics..
what was ur engg entrance rank..
why u choosed this college..
why ur aggregate is 68%..
what is ur position in ur class..
which is ur favourite language..
can u compile c pgm in c++ compiler ? wot abt the reverse?
what is a static variable..
what is the size of a float variable..
what is the size of a pointer variable..
what is paging..
what is swapping..
why each process is loaded to the main memory for execution..
what is main memory..
what is page fault..
how its handled...
who is handling that...
what is multitasking..
what is multi threading..
if in a multi user system a static variable is initialised as 10 and first user increments its value by 1 and then the second user increments its value by one..what is the value of the variable now..
what is  DBMS..
what is RDBMS...
what is the difference b/w the two..
what is primary key..
whats foreign key..
whats 3rd normal form..
explain it with tables..
what are the advantages of normalisation..
he then tried to confuse me by saying it increases redundancy
then he wanted me to say one disadvantage here..
u know sql??
then he told me to write a query... he wanted me to retrieve data from two tables ..the main thing was  that we should use " group by "
any questions??

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