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Accenture Interview Process

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Our processes aim to make your application as smooth as possible.

Accenture Interview tips form their own experts

The recruiting process

Your first step is probably to review this website to get a feel for who we are, the type of work we do, our working environment, our people and who we employ. Alternatively, contact your campus careers services office to find out about positions that are available or contact the recruiting division in your local Accenture office. 

Your campus careers service will also have information about whether we will be visiting your university. If so you can come and meet us in person and discuss the appropriate way to submit your resume or CV. This will likely be by filling in an application form, giving your resume or CV to one of our recruiters or applying online via our careers website. Your campus careers services office will have a listing of recruiting events on your campus that Accenture will be attending. 

The interview process

To ensure that we hire the most appropriate individuals for Accenture opportunities, we conduct a rigorous interview process. A recruiter may contact you to discuss your resume or CV. This may result in a first interview with a recruiter, who will want to discuss your experiences and interests at a high level. You will also have the opportunity to get additional information about the position and what it is like to work at Accenture. If you are selected to participate in the next stage of the process, you may have interviews with Accenture executives and require a more in-depth discussion of your skills and experiences.

Your recruiter will contact you to let you know your status in the recruiting process.
Tips For a Successful Interview with Accenture
Preparation is a key component to a successful interview. Review the information below to learn about the type of interviews we conduct at Accenture, key preparation steps, the dos and don'ts of interviews and steps to take at the end of an interview. 
For More Interview tips : Accenture Official Web site

Interview types
Companies can often use different styles of interviews throughout the interview process. Here is a brief explanation of the three styles that Accenture uses. 

Screening interview: You will have the opportunity to bring life to your resume. Be ready to talk about your activities, work experience, and achievements. 
The focus of this interview is for us to understand your overall experience better.

Behavioral interview: You will be asked questions that will prompt you to tell a story about your past experiences. 
Prior to your interview, think about some of your group projects, accomplishments, activities from which you can share a story. 
Keep in mind that the focus of this interview is on you and your accomplishments, not on the group's accomplishments. 

Case interview: You will be given a situation in which you will be asked to prioritize, analyze, and ultimately draw conclusions and/or recommendations. 
The focus of this interview is to explore your problem-solving and analytical abilities.
To learn more about case interviews, please refer to the Management Consulting Case Workbook.

On occasion, these interviews may be conducted over the phone. It is important to treat the phone interview with the same importance and prepare as much as you would for an in person interview. 

Preparing for the interview

The key to a successful interview is preparation! Keep in mind the following objectives when preparing for your interview. 
Know yourself: In order to know yourself, you must be able to do the following: 

Describe what you want in a career/employer.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses. 

Identify your goals and objectives (short and long term). 

Be prepared to discuss areas for development in a solution-oriented manner. 

Know your resume. Be familiar with all the information on your resume and be prepared to elaborate on each topic: 

Career objectives 
Educational experience 
Work experience 
Extracurricular activities 

Know the industry. Research to get to know the employer and the industry by using the following sources: 
Company websites 
Alumni/current employees 
Corporate literature 
Newspapers and industry magazines/publications 
Office of Career Services 
Attend company information sessions and activities 
Prepare for the interview day. Plan in advance for your interview day with these simple steps: 
Ensure you have accurate directions to the interview site (test them if possible). 
Submit all required documents prior to the interview, or bring them with you if requested. 
Plan the appropriate outfit to present your most professional self. 
Prepare questions about the job and company to ask should time be given for questions. 

Interview dos:

Arrive early. 
Dress professionally. 
Give a firm handshake and maintain eye contact. 
Portray a positive image. 
Use appropriate language (verbal and non-verbal). 
Have resume, transcripts and other documents handy. 
Answer the questions. 
Talk about YOU, not others (avoid “We”). Summarize. 
Understand the next steps in the process. 
Relax and be yourself. 
Minimize distractions, such as background noise and dog barking (phone interviews.) 
Interview don'ts
Don’t arrive unprepared. 
Don’t show a lack of knowledge of Accenture. 
Don’t discuss politics, religion or personal relationships/issues. 
Don’t bring up salary at the first interview 
Don’t ask questions like: “What are my chances?” 
Don’t eat, drink or chew gum during the interview 
Don’t use a cell phone if possible (phone interviews.) 
Concluding the interview
During the closing segment of the interview: 
Thank the interviewer for his/her time. 
Find out how and when you will be contacted. 
Understand what the next steps in the process will be. 
Obtain the interviewer’s contact information. 
Send a thank you note after your interview.