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Accenture Interview Experience

                Hai,I am Srishti Rai.I was called for the Accenture interview . For Accenture you need 105 minimum marks to qualify. & Luckily, I got 105.8 marks & the drive was only for girls.So, I called for interview.

               I reached the venue at 8:00 am & they welcomed us.& Process was started at 8:45 am. They verify our all documents & give the form to fill, the verification was completed around 2 pm, a bit too long procedure.So, I called for the interview around 2:15 pm & we were 6 girls in a group. There was 1 HR & her assistant. After entering, they asked have you take your lunch & we all said NO :P. So, they offered us some biscuits & we ate.Then, he told us to give your intro & say only about your college name, your %,age & something unique about yourself one by one. Everyone told.Then he asked 1 GK question, if you are a bus driver & so on. Then what is the age of the driver? the answer was very easy. Its your age :). Told.

               Then he took our GD, casual vs formal, he said 3 girls will tell about casual & 3 about formals.As I had wear the formals, so he said that, you will talk on casuals, I was shocked. But somehow I told on casuals.Then after he asked me to tell about core values of Accenture. Told.Then later he asked me to tell why you want to join Accenture why not other companies. I told the reason. But he was not satisfied with anyone.There was no Technical around in my batch. I was happy.

                    Then after 5 minutes results was announced & out of 6 girls 5 were selected & I was one of them. That was the most precious day of my life. Thank you so much Accenture:)