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Accenture Interview  Experience


Hello everyone, 


I share my Accenture Interview  Experience here.


1. Interview Starting with "Tell me about urself" : Plays a major role to shows your personality. Should highlight your work you had done in your past and your achievement you had got.Hobbies and whats keeps you motivated.


2. Favourite subject :  You should be perfect in atleast one subject. I mentioned Mobile communication so he asked me how call reaches from one phone to other, I explained the whole signal process.


3. PS: He was pretending like he was not hearing me but i keep on speaking(basically he was testing my patience and analysis capability)


4. Strength : Told him my strength (relate with the work you have done in the past which proves your strength) Weakness : Told him I use to be emotional ("Use to be" is to be given focus)


5. About my sports : I am active in sports thats why(I have mentioned in the resume)


6. About my low marks : But i told them I will work hark and do not led any stone unturned.


7. My family background


8. Any location preference : Never give priority to any location it may give negative impact(it shows work is not that much important to you)


9. Basic C programming question Technical interview : Not much technical(I first go i cant believe that was my technical inteview :)


10. HR interview : Totally Hr and emphasis is given on location priority. My technical and HR is more or like same interview. After technical interview he told me instantly as i got out of my interview room that i am selected but Hr result was declared at the last with all other candidates.