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Accenture Interview Experience


Hi all,


I am Ritesh Chandra, B.Tech-ECE from Lovely Professional University-2014 Passout. I attended Accenture drive on 20 September in Bangalore. I got call letter of Accenture through Elitmus. My elitmus score was


1. Verbal - 22

2. Quantitative - 97

3. ps - 99.


So don't worry if you have low score in any section, you will get call 4 sure. If you have good score in 2 sections, you will get many opportunities from other good companies also. As it was through elitmus so we have called 4 direct interviews, there was no written test. The rounds were


  1. Technical Interview
  2. HR Interview.

But this time Accenture had taken both the rounds together. They called 6 students in a group and 2 interviewer was there ( Technical & HR). They started with introduction. After introduction they were giving a topic to speak.


After my introduction,


Interviewer : What is your branch?


Me : ECE.


Interviewer : Ok, do you know about electric car?


Me : Yes sir.


Interviewer : Ok. Then your topic will be electric car, if you want to change your topic then you can.


Me : No sir, I am ok with this. After 1, 2 min.


Interviewer : What was your topic?


Me : Electric car, but I want to change my topic. I know about electric car but I am not able to speak


4 a minute.


Interviewer : You have to say it earlier. Ok do you know about.


( He asked me about a topic which was related to communication. But I wasn't able to listen that so I told him I don't know).


Then he smiled and told me that are you seriously ECE engineer? Then he told me what is your favourite subject?


Me : Embedded system.


Interviewer : Can you talk about embedded system and latest technology?


Me : Yes sir. After 1 minute.


Interviewer : Start with your topic.


Me : I was able to speak 4 more than 2, 3 minutes (that was enough to check my fluency and knowledge about subject). My fluency was 2 good and I was clearly giving him the real time example.


Then expected questions like,


  1. If you are interested in embedded then why do you want to join IT company?

  2. How it will help Accenture?


After 2, 3 minutes of discussion he told us to leave. After 5 minutes a Elitmus guy came and told me that you are selected.Congratulations.They were selecting 2,3 students from each group out of 6, but this was the first group in which they selected all the 6 students. Guys trust me they are not considering only communication skills, they also want technical students (Either they are not good in communication Skill). So if your communication skill is not so good, don't worry, you can got select with your technical Skill also.


All the best to all of you.....................