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Accenture Candidate-Experiences

                                          Accenture Candidate's Experience


Hi all,

We had accenture campus drive in our campus. The first round is the written test conducted by Amcat. It consists of 3 sections.

A. Quantitative Aptitude- 25 questions- 25 minutes (Minimum no:of questions to be attempted- 15).
B. Verbal- 25 questions- 25 minutes (Minimum no:of questions to be attempted-15).
C. Logical Reasoning-24 questions-35 minutes (Minimum no:of questions to be attempted-15).

There is no negative marking. So better to attempt all the questions.I cleared the written test. After that the amcat people asked us to fill the application and verified my certificates. They gave me the token for the interview.

Interview (next day) :

TR/HR- Both were conducted at the same time. In each panel there are two people one for interviewing and the other for observing our skills. Each batch consisted of 5 students.Finally at 11:30am my number came and we were called for the interview.

First question is common to all (Introduce yourself). After that the interviewer asked my stream. Since I'm from cse he asked me to speak about Operating Systems and the concepts that I've learned from operating systems and gave me some time to recollect the points.I explained him the concepts that I remembered very confidently. Though I remembered only few concepts I explained him confidently without any tension.

After that the interviewer asked whether I'm comfortable with night shifts and relocation. I said yes and he asked us to leave.The results were announced in the evening. I got selected and all the 5 got selected in my panel.If you clear the written test then the chances of clearing the interview is very high. So prepare well for the written test.My advice is not to get tensed at the time of interview. Even if you are not sure with the answer speak clearly and confidently.

So, All the best guys for your placements. Be confident :).