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Accenture Interview Experience


Hi friends,


My name is Dileep. I’m from JNTU college of engineering Anantapur with CSE stream. Recently accenture came to my college for recruting. I want to share my experience here.


There are two rounds


1) Written Test


2) Technical and HR Interview rounds


a) Written Test :


Generally this exam will be conducted by Amcat or E-litmus as Accenture donot keep exam directly. Amcat in our college. So practice previous Amcat papers for confidence. There are 3 sections in this


1. Verbal :25 questions in 25 minutes


Which consists of antonyms, synonyms, passages, prepositions, correction of sentences. It will take lot of time to answer passage questions so maintain time for it.


2. Aptitude :25 questions in 35 minutes


This section is quite easy.An average student is capable of answering at least 18 so it’s quite easy and consists of logorithms, permutations and some mathematical calculations practice previous papers of amcat


3. Reasoning : 24 questions in 35 minutes


This is also easy but your mind should be sharp while writing the exam. This section consists of maximum number series, decoding, general ability problems.


I felt verbal a little bit difficult and the rest 2 sections are easy and time is also more than enough so practice verbal is key to success.


b) Technical and HR Interview rounds


Both Technical and HR Interview rounds are combined and at once and Accenture interview was quite different from all it will conduct interview for 5 candidates at a time. So be confident.Unfortunately I’m the fifth member unluckily but don’t mind what number you are be confident and positive.


I went into the interview cabin after 4 members and wish the interviewers and they asked us had your breakfast then they asked us to tell about yourself. One by one and fifth chance for me then me elaborated all the skills that I have and what I’m and the capabilities in tell me about yourself and I said my hobby is Sharing Knowledge. He praised me and said that quite interesting (one plus for me).


Then he gone for jam topic and here all the members are given with same topic “fear of failure” and asked any interested candidate can start.I take a chance here and started first (initiation gives me again plus) then all members followed by me.


Then after jam they went on asking about Accenture here a little bad luck for me as I’m fifth member I got 5th chance and I have to say the thing which is not said by all the 4 candidates. So I started in different way and said I like “Accenture digital” and with that I explain my website and making offline record to online and how it is computerized. He impressed a lot.


Then he asked any queries?


Me asked him about training how will it be and duration then he said in detail and I thanked him and came out with joy.


Result: Then waited for 2 hours and results came and happy to see my name in the shorted list. Initially I was rejected in TCS HR finally I succeeded in Accenture. So be confidence and be with positive attitude.


Secret of success: Be confident and Accenture mainly see the one who is with good communication and ability to talk in all.


All the Best.....