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Accenture Candidate-Experiences in Indore

Accenture this years campus recruitments in procedure  different campuses. My interview was in Indore on September 10th 2013.Accenture this years next batch 2014-2015 placement criteria has < 60% in all BE 10th,12th or any diploma direct interview for those who are having aggregate more than 65% in BE

Accenture written test conducted in AMCAT
My personal suggestion is that before you appearing interview and other written test Practice all on line tests available in different websites such as India bix, and all other sites for interview prep
For Accenture interview Communication skill matter a lot .... the way of expression your ideas, based on your resume 

Accenture technical interview -mainly they asks DBMS,Network,OS,Data Structures ...having good knowledge over any two languages

My Technical and HR Interview questions in Accenture

4 people are there 

Mam : How are you Pratheeksha
Me : Keeping fine Mam with smiling little bit tensed

Mam : R you Tensed
Me;Little becuse this is my first interview

Sir: Your name in psotive meaning "Pratheeksha" so you Expect this Job
Me : Yes sir

Other person How can you prove that?
Me : smiling suddenly I didnt get any reply Accenture AMCAT I cleared sir then interview procedure is going on

That means You are eligible for this position 100 % sure
Yes sir

Ok Fine Tell me about your self

Any relocation problems
No sir I passionate in traveling

Have you planned for any higher studies
Sir Right now I want a job that is high priority then higher studies

Accenture technical interview

Mam : You are participating more coding competition can you discuss some problems
I told

Sir : he asked me to write code for

Me : I was a bit nervous but my logic was correct just a print("\n"); statement was misplaced he checked and just asked me to correct it.
Me : I made the correction.

Sir : You can go pratheksha

Thank you sir 

Accenture new campus recruitment process in my college around 500 students were participated after all eliminations and tests only 48 were selected Im also part of that winning students ok thankyou friends meet in Accenture